S2E9: A Tale of Two Brothers

The Diamond Dragon stands in front of the Vermeer Temple, mask in hand. Cypress looks on.

Drago: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for not telling you I was alive. It would have hindered our mission.

Cypress runs up and punches Drago in the face.

Cypress: WHAT THE HELL?!

Drago: Brother, please-

Cypress: NO! You leave me on my own for 10 years, and then you expect me to welcome you back in? Excuse me, but that seems like a ship that’s already sailed.

Drago: Brother, you must understand..

Cypress: Understand WHAT?! The fact that you’ve probably been working with that guy this entire time? Your “master,” as you call him? I’m gonna be honest here, I won’t go with you anywhere.

Suddenly, the temple doors slam shut.

Charles: You should. Because we are.

Perez: We were locked up in that place. The old abandoned orphanage? We were about to be tested on, about to possibly die. But someone saved us. That was you, wasn’t it?

Diamond Dragon: I am sorry. I have saved many, but I cannot recall them all.

Charles: Well, even if it wasn’t you, you clearly were involved with this guy. And that means that we’re tied together. We have a gratitude to pay for what you did. And that gratitude is to help you stop him.

Perez: So, are you gonna come along, Cypress?

Cypress: Guys, I don’t know. This is supposed to be my brother. Remember? The one who died in a boating accident? But now he’s here, and I have no idea what to think. I’ve read enough of the Ninja’s Scriptures to know that ghosts always come haunting, but..

Diamond Dragon: I am not a ghost, brother. But it is up to us to put other ghosts to rest.

Charles: So how are we going to do it?

The Diamond Dragon points to Sigma’s palace, off in the distance.

Diamond Dragon: We travel to the Palace. We take out the guards, and then we take their identities. And then, we strike.

Perez: But the other, much bigger army is planning to strike in about a week. What are we going to do then? They’ll kill us! Alyssa will kill us for not telling her!

Diamond Dragon: It will take merely three days, young one.

Cypress: If we do this, we have to do it right. We’ve all been outside the palace before. Think, what are some of it’s weak spots?

Charles: Well, there is that one loose board in the front.

Cypress: Then we strike there first. Let’s go.

The four swoop off into the trees.

By Blake

S2E8: One Man’s Mistake

The Army of The Spirit Realm stands outside of a decrepit temple.

Cypress: So Tiamat, you say you know this guy?

Tiamat: Yes, child. He is the all-seeing elder of the Other Realm. Before the treaty between our two realms was forged, he ruled over both realms with an iron fist. Now he is reduced to simply an elder, quite possibly the only one who can enlighten us with a way of defeating Sigma.

Alyssa: I.. see. Now, how about we actually go inside the temple?

Charles: I agree. We’re wanted criminals now, we can’t just go gallivanting into whatever trouble awaits us next.

Tiamat: Then let us enter, and be enlightened.

Inside the Temple of Vermeer, a withered old man sits cross-legged among smoking incense.

Elder: I sensed you would come, young ones. Sit amongst me, and let me tell you a tale.

The army takes their seats in a circle around the elder.

Elder: This is the story of one man’s mistake. One man’s mistake that, like it or not, would change the Three Realms forever.

Long ago, there were three realms. One, the Mortal World, was ruled by a race of humans.

The second, the Spirit Realm, was ruled over by a benign god, all seeing and all knowing.

And the third, the Other Realm, was ruled by.. well, me.

Sadly, not all of the realm’s residents were happy with the way things were run.

Two of the Realms were flooded with rebellion, each threatening to bleed into the others.

Until a man from the Mortal World began to experiment. Deadly experiments, with life altering consequences. He harvested the missing children from the Mortal World, and began attempting to create an army for the end times.

However, tampering with life turned out to not be as easy as he thought. His creatures became so grotesque and twisted, they began to attack the Mortal World. At first wind of this, the leaders of each realm signed a treaty.

The catch was, all experiments made by this man would be cast into the Other Realm. The Mortal authorities took him into custody.

But then, a demon rose to power. He overthrew me as leader of the Other Realm, and to this day continues to wreak havoc on the Mortal and Spirit Realms with these abominations. He is the first experiment. The oldest. Among the remaining members of the Treaty, we call him the Firstborn.

You know him as Sigma.

Cypress: Wow. So what happened to the man?

Elder: He was never found. Some say he went mad and continued his experimentation in full force.

The temple doors slam behind the group. Cypress runs out to try and stop the Diamond Dragon.

Cypress: Woah man, what’s going on?

Diamond Dragon: My master is still out there. I will not let him bring others down the same path as me. Whether you’re with me or against me, is not up to me. But I only pray you will help me in my quest..

The Dragon drops his mask, revealing a face all too familiar to Cypress.

Drago: ..brother.

By Blake

S0E2: Rise

The newly-minted Diamond Dragon sits, perched on a rooftop. His mission is about to begin. The voice of Professor Garrison comes through a headset in his helmet.

Prof. Garrison: Before we begin, repeat to me your protocol.

Diamond Dragon: Scan the area. Eliminate hostiles. Spare innocents. Escape.

Prof. Garrison: Good, good. Now, let us commence.

The Dragon jumps from his spot, and lands atop one of the “hostiles,” a visiting senator. The other two people in his party scream, and try to run away.

Diamond Dragon: Not so fast, villains.

The Dragon flicks his wrist, and two grappling hooks attach to either side of the opposite buildings. He leaps into action, landing in front of the two escapees.

Prof. Garrison: Now, before they get away! Kill them!

Diamond Dragon: Yes, master.


Outside the lab, Professor Garrison is checking the Dragon’s armor for any flaws.

Prof. Garrison: You seem to be doing just fine, Dragon. Now, for your next miss-

Diamond Dragon: Master.

Prof. Garrison: Yes?

Diamond Dragon: Why were those people hostile?

Prof. Garrison: Aah, yes. They were government officials sent to check up on the grant given to me by the institute. If they found out the things I was up to here, I wouldn’t have much of a business left, now would I?

Diamond Dragon: I am killing innocents, master.

Prof. Garrison: For the greater good, my pupil.

The Dragon rises up, and grips his master around the throat, lifting him up to meet his gaze.

Diamond Dragon: I am killing innocents. This is not what I want to do.

Prof. Garrison: Go ahead. Kill me. You’re no better than I am. I gave you a home, shelter from the law, and in turn you take my life. You think they’ll accept you back into society the way you are now? NO! They’ll turn you away, just as they turned away me!

The Dragon leaps into the water surrounding the lab. He thrusts Garrison ahead of him, and begins to drown them both. The Dragon’s armor begins to short-circuit, leaving him on the edge of death.

Diamond Dragon: That’s just it. I’m nothing like you.

The Dragon slumps to the bottom of the moat, dead. Garrison wrenches his body off of him, and flees into the woods nearby.

The Other Realm. A dark, damp place populated by the otherworldly demons that plague our world. A world of many names. The Other Realm. Hell. Purgatory. Limbo.

But for me? It’s the land of redemption.

I’ve done things. Things I’m not proud of. Things that will plague me for the remainder of whatever life this suit gives me in this realm. From now on, I am the Diamond Dragon.

And for once, this dragon will bring others to the light.

By Blake

S0E1: Pendulum

Drago is strapped to a table, fearful of what he has gotten himself into.

Drago: Uh, hello? You said something about making me a soldier..

Prof. Garrison: Yes, yes. All in due time, my good man. After all, every soldier must go through intense training.

At the mention of training, a syringe springs from the wall, injecting a purple liquid into Drago.

Prof. Garrison: Give it time.

Drago begins to convulse, before slipping into unconsciousness.

Prof. Garrison: Just give it time.

Elsewhere, in a corner of Tokyoville..

Mrs. Robertson: I’m home!

A young boy runs up, and hugs his mother.

Cypress: Mom! You’re back! But.. where’s Drago?

Mrs. Robertson: I went out and looked for him, honey, but… he’s gone.

Cypress’s face deflates, and he begins to blink back tears.

Cypress: So.. he’s dead?

Mrs. Robertson: No, honey. He just took you up on your little challenge and tried to go down the river on his little boat. The police are looking for him. Everything will be okay.

Cypress: Okay, mom..

Cypress returns to his room, still unsure of Drago’s whereabouts. Mrs. Robertson sits down in a chair next to her husband.

Mrs. Robertson: What am I supposed to do, Edward? I don’t want to tell him that we have no idea where his brother is. I just want him.. I just want us to be happy.

Mr. Robertson: You just do what’s right for you, dear. Only you can make your own happiness.

Back in the lab, Drago has awoken from his comatose state.

Prof. Garrison: Aah, finally awake, are we?

Drago: Listen, you old man. Let me go. I don’t want to do this anymore… I have a family.

Prof. Garrison: Now, child. Your old life.. your old self.. he’s dead.

With the push of a button, turquoise armor encloses Drago.

Prof. Garrison: And in his place, the Diamond Dragon rises.

By Blake

S0E0: Rebirth

March, 1989. An undisclosed location.

Woman: So you’re saying he’s gone?!

Police Officer: I’m sorry to report it, ma’am. But sadly, yes. The current swept him away, there was simply nothing we could do.

Woman: But what do I tell his brother? He already thinks he’s responsible for this!

Police Officer: Ma’am, I apologize for your loss. We only have jurisdiction over the Tokyoville metro area. Anything beyond that is out of our hands.

In between fits of sobs, the woman speaks.

Woman: We.. we have family… in the upper west side…They can search..

Police Officer: It would be in your best interests, yes ma’am. Meanwhile, we can search the remaining isles on the coast of the creek he fell into.

Woman: Thank- thank you.

Police Officer: Now go home, get some rest. Our force will call you in the morning.

April, 1989. Tokyoville Metro Area. A rundown apartment building.

A young woman sits around a fire with two older men. They feast on whatever scraps they can find from their hunt yesterday.

Alyssa: You do realize it’s our five year anniversary, correct?

Perez: Yep. But why would we want to celebrate five years of running from the law, and getting by with whatever we can?

Charles: Perez, quiet. Be good to the girl.

Alyssa: Growing up, my mother and I.. we didn’t have much. My father left shortly after I was born. Said something about “making a deal with the devil.”

Charles: Impossible. Stuff like that don’t exist.

Alyssa: You sure about that? I heard you fellas talking, when we first met. Talking about them “growing those things” down there in the orphanage you guys escaped from.

Perez: Don’t egg him on, Alyssa. Charles was.. he was one of them. I was about to become one too, before I busted out. Took him with me.

Charles: Yeah. They injected all kinda stuff into me. Said it was supposed to make me grow “stronger.” Beef up my senses. X-240, they called it.

Perez: We lit the stash ablaze, and then blew the place. All that stuff really ever did to Charles here was give him a bit of extra strength.

Alyssa: You sure that burning it down was the correct choice? We could go back.. scavenge for answers..

Perez: Hey, you know what all the greats say. Can’t start a revolution without a spark.

March, 1989. Upper east side of Tokyoville. A young man washes up on the beach near X-240 Labs.

Drago: Where-where am I?

Suddenly, the once dark lab lights up, revealing a fairly-recent looking burn mark in the side of the building. An older man steps out, his cane clunking against the cold linoleum flooring.

Prof. Garrison: Welcome to X-240 Labs. My name is Professor William H. Garrison. Forgive me if I hasten.

The young man keels back a bit, taken aback by the man’s sudden appearance.

Prof. Garrison: Now, now, patient 23-100. It is time to begin the Soldier Program.

By Blake

S2E7: The Lunch Crew

   Dear Lord Sigma,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a potential intergalactic war for whatever it was that we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write this essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us… in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a group of ninja, a group of thorns in your side. An interdimensional demon, an army of spirits, and a formerly deceased traitor.  Correct? That’s how we saw each other at seven o’clock this morning. We were brainwashed.

——–Saturday, March 12, 7:06 AM——–

The team, along with the spirit army, are encaged on Sigma’s prison, The Raft.

Alyssa: This is all your fault, Cypress. If you hadn’t agreed to take the Spirit Art under your mantle, we would be out of here by now.

Cypress: Why is it always my fault?

Alyssa: Because you were the one who agreed to this in the first place! Now we’re trapped, and it’s thanks to you that we’re waiting for execution.

Tiamat, Charles and Perez enter from a hole dug into the wall.

Tiamat: Children, perhaps if you two stopped bickering, we could dig out of this place?

Alyssa: You do realize that even if we managed to get out of here, we’re floating in the middle of space, right? We’ll die.

Tiamat: Oh, yes. I suppose I forgot I was in the presence of mortals.

——–Saturday, March 12, 8:04 AM——–

Charles: Look, maybe we can just stage a revolt? I mean, we aren’t the only ones here. Take this fine young man here for example! Hey, Cell 104-A, what are you in for?

The man in the cell turns around, revealing pure white eyes.

104-A: Name’s Ghost Eyes. I’m in here for harnessing the power of entire planets to fuel a death weapon.

Charles: Oh. Well then. You can turn back around now.

Ghost Eyes returns to his former position.

Perez: Okay, was anyone else sort of blinded by that guy’s eyes?

Perez turns around to see that one of the spirits has gone blind completely.

——–Saturday, March 12th, 10:02 AM——–

Cypress: Ugh, I’m so bored…

Alyssa: I know. I mean, we’re only trying to free the galaxy at large. You’d think that it would go accepted.

Tiamat: Sadly, not by these men. They believe their way is the only right in this world.

Charles: I’ve been wondering. You guys are literal ghosts. Why can’t you just phase through?

Stevenson: We would, except you aren’t asking nicely.

Charles: Oh, come ON!

——–Saturday, March 12th, 12:01 PM——–

Perez: Do they have any intention of feeding us?

The warden comes by, slamming his nightstick against the bars.

Warden: We feed you when we want to, maggot! Pipe down!

Cypress, wanting to try out his new powers, moves to the warden.

Cypress: You will let us out and let us raid the mess hall.

Warden: Hah, where’d you learn that one from? Galaxy Conflicts 9?

Cypress: You will let us out and let us raid the mess hall.

The warden’s eyes glaze over, and he moves to the cell door, unlocking it.

Cypress: Sweet.

Alyssa: Wait, you could have done that the entire time? Why didn’t you do it before?

Cypress: Because of this magical story element called a “McGuffin.”

——–Saturday, March 12, 1:04 PM——–

The newly-freed prisoners sit in the kitchen of The Raft, having gorged themselves on whatever they see fit.

Alyssa: That was so good.

Cypress: Honestly. And to think, we could’ve just done the essay he wants us to write and get out of here.

Alyssa: Hang on.. Cypress. You still have that paper?

——–Saturday, March 12, 3:04 PM——–

The warden finds a piece of paper taped to the mess hall doors.

Dear Lord Sigma,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a potential intergalactic war for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a ninja… an interdimensional demon… an army of spirits… and a formerly deceased traitor.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours, the Lunch Crew.

Warden: Well, that was a waste of time.. Wait, there’s some on the back..

P.S. Shove it, you decrepit old fart.

By Blake

S2E6: The Key

Tiamat, now in it’s Aria Forme, sits beside the ghost of Stevenson on a fragment of the Spirit Realm Portal.

Tiamat: Indeed, former ally. You cannot return to the mortal world, for your body in our realm has been destroyed. Even my resurrection magicks could not restore you to life.

Stevenson: But.. there has to be some way, right?

Tiamat: Perhaps if we had found you sooner, there may have been a way. Bones could have been mended, organs healed, blood coagulation reversed.. But I’m afraid once the breath of life has left the body, there are limits to beyond even my magic.

Stevenson: So, what do we do now?

Tiamat: That’s just it. We’re assembling an army. Care to join us to take back what’s ours?

Stevenson: I suppose. After all, I have nothing more to lose.

Tiamat: Then it’s settled. Tonight we infiltrate Sigma’s palace, and take back our realm.

The following night, the ninja, along with Tiamat, Stevenson, and Tiamat’s army of the dead, crouch outside of the High Synagogue.

Cypress: Wow, they sure did rebuild that really quickly.

Stevenson: It serves as Sigma’s palace now.

Alyssa: Wait a second, how’d you know that?

Stevenson: Half of my spirit is linked to the amulet on his chest. I stay trapped here until that half is released. Then, I may pass on.

Perez: So how do we get in?

Tiamat: There is no other choice. One of you must fuse your power with me, and gain your True Forme.

The army looks around at each other, until Cypress sets down his blade.

Cypress: I’ll do it.

Tiamat: Are you sure? This may not be the wisest decision.

Cypress: Indeed, I am. Then let’s begin.

After the fusion process is complete, Cypress awakens, only to find the army has been found out, and are being held on chains by Sigma’s forces.

Cypress: W-what’s going on?

Alyssa: While you were out, Sigma’s forces saw the process taking place and now they’re hauling us all off to somewhere.

One of Sigma’s guards walks from the palace gates, holding a note from his master.

Guard: We just got word from the boss! Send them to The Raft!

Alyssa: The Raft? What’s The Raft?

One day later, the army is held in The Raft, Sigma’s intergalactic prison.

Alyssa: Oh. This is the Raft.

By Blake

Announcing the Summer of StupidNinjas!

Hey guys! Blake here.

It’s been a really long time, hasn’t it? About a month since the last episode?

I bet all of you out there wish I would keep my promise already, and return to weekly episodes.


Guess what.



It’s time.

Announcing the Summer of StupidNinjas, the return of weekly episodes, and more.

“But Blake,” you may say, “what exactly is the Summer of StupidNinjas?”

Well, to be exact, not only is SOSN considered my return to form of sorts, after a really long semi-hiatus, but it’s more than that. It’s “three months full of weekly episodes” more than that.

Get ready. It begins 5/15/16.

By Blake

S2E5: War Never Changes

Alyssa, Charles, Perez and the Diamond Dragon stare at the portal that has opened above the Other Realm.

Alyssa: Well, it looks like we’ll be fighting Sigma again.

Charles: I thought we killed him!

Perez: Yeah, I KNEW I saw him die in the finale!

Diamond Dragon: Fear not, young ones. Sigma may return, but you have beaten him once. And therefore, you shall beat him again. And you will not be alone this time.

Alyssa: Yeah, but what choice do we have? We’re stuck with you, and it’s not like we can just will anything we want to happen here..

Suddenly, the synagogue is freed from it’s chains. It drops down, crashing to rubble. As the dust settles, a lone figure emerges, arm replaced with a blade.

Cypress: But I can.

The team gazes upon Cypress, having undergone a transformation by crossing through the synthetic reality to the Other Realm.

Perez: Well, look who decided to show up.

Charles: We thought you were dead. Like, honestly.

Alyssa: Quiet! Cypress, it’s good to have you back. But in case you haven’t noticed, we kind of have a situation here.

She gestures toward the portal.

Cypress: Aah, I see. Well, Sigma was no match for us the last time, right?

Diamond Dragon: Yes, but now that we’re playing on his realm, he’s stronger.

Cypress does a double take towards the Diamond Dragon.

Cypress: I thought I warned you guys not to pick up hitchhikers.

Diamond Dragon: I am no hitchhiker. I am the Diamond Dragon, warrior of this realm.

Cypress: Oh, so kinda like that robot guy from Season 1?

Alyssa: No.

Cypress: Alright. So here’s the plan. There are 5 of us, so we’ll divide into 2 squadrons.

Charles: Cypress, that’s not how math works.

Cypress: Yes it is. You and Perez on one team, Alyssa and Diamond Dragon on the other end.

Perez: But what will you do?

Cypress: I have to face Sigma on my own. It has to be me.

Diamond Dragon: Fair enough. Let us forge into battle.

The 5 split up, as yet another portal opens. A man in a dark trenchcoat descends, his dark wings covering him as he lands.

Tiamat: I never thought I would have to use Aria Forme.. but it’s time. The battle has begun, and they’ll need reinforcements. It’s time to bring them to life.

Tiamat takes a vial from his bag, pouring the contents out as he walks. A figure materializes from the ground.

???: Please, help me. I want to go back to the real world.

Tiamat: Sorry, that will be hard. In the real world, you’re dead.

An expression of shock appears on the figure’s face.

Stevenson: What.. did you just say..?

By Blake

S2E4: The Battle of the Three Armies

Cypress ventures around the hospital, looking for a way out.

Cypress: So, this world can bend to my will, eh? I can do anything I want here? Like this, for example?

Cypress concentrates, and his left arm turns into a sword.

Cypress: That’s actually really painful. I suppose it could be useful.

An exit appears in the middle of the hallway.

Cypress: Alright! Time to get out of here! Hopefully, the team’s on their way now to get me.

Elsewhere, in the Other Realm…

Alyssa: We’ve been walking for hours. Can we stop yet?

Diamond Dragon: No, we must keep going. Your friend could have possibly discovered that the world he resides in can bend to his will. If he uses this power for too long, it could rip all of reality apart. We must rescue him as soon as we can.

Charles: Look man, normally I’d agree with you. But I’m just as fatigued as anyone else here. I say we should stop.

Diamond Dragon: No, foolish ninja! I have spent too long without this boy by my side, and I shall not waste a second on rest! Now, let us push on!

A collective groan sounds from the team, as a portal opens overhead.

Alyssa: Guys, is a portal bad or good?

Diamond Dragon: In our case, it’s better to draw your weapons and wait than to stand aside and do nothing. Let us await the arrival of our friend! Or foe! Or whatever comes out of there!

Tiamat drops out of the portal, surrounded by various soldiers.

Tiamat: Good news, everyone! We have an army!

Perez: Where did you get all these soldiers?

Tiamat: The residents of the Spirit Realm joined without haste! And when I said you lot were in trouble, I was able to recruit some of the citizens of Tokyoville as well!

Charles: Ooh, is Stevenson here? I LOVE that guy!

Tiamat: No, we couldn’t afford him. Or the mayor. Or anyone mildly recognizable.. They wouldn’t fit in our wordcount after all those explosions in the season one finale..

Diamond Dragon: Excellent! And to think, we’ve almost reached the synagogue.

The Diamond Dragon trudges ahead.

Diamond Dragon: Soon, Cypress.. we shall meet again.

By Blake