S2E2: The Diamond Dragon

aThe team stares in awe, as the Diamond Dragon jumps in front of them.

Diamond Dragon: So, are you just going to stand there? Or are we going to go rescue your friend?

Alyssa: I.. guess we could go rescue him. But the question is, which way?

The Diamond Dragon sticks a finger into the air.

Diamond Dragon: It’s simple, really. The Other Realm can confuse newbies like you. Basic rundown, our realm is an inverted copy of yours. It’s logical to assume that your friend is being held in our highest place of worship, which in this case would be yours as well.

Alyssa: That would be the High Castle.

Diamond Dragon: In our world, that’s Sigma’s base.

Charles: Sigma?! You mean after all that, he’s still alive?

Diamond Dragon: Yes. He may be vulnerable, but he’s still there.

Perez: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

The team charges off. They almost reach the edge of the cliff before the Diamond Dragon stops them.

Diamond Dragon: Now now, you can’t just go diving into the Cliffs of Satinam without a guide.

Alyssa: I see. Now, who’s going to come with me?

Charles: I guess we have to follow her, huh?

Perez: Yeah, otherwise we could get eaten by whatever lives here.

Suddenly, Jestro leaps from underneath the cliff.

Jestro: Aah, the little pests have finally arrived! Welcome to my domain, boys. This time, you play by my rules.

By Blake

S2E1: The Other Realm

The team stands in front of the now collapsed portal, taking in what has just happened.

Alyssa: Tiamat.. there has to be some way to get him back.

Tiamat: I’m sorry, child, but there is no way. The only way that could even come close would take all of my power.

Charles: Tiamat, you have to. This is Cypress we’re talking about. He said he would follow us to the ends of the earth.

Tiamat: SILENCE, CHILD! There is no way in my power to save your friend! It’s best to just return home and forget about him.

Alyssa rears back and punches Tiamat in the face.

Alyssa: After we’ve been through what we just did. After the War on Three Realms, and Sigma being defeated, you’re going to deny us this one little thing?! WE SAVED YOUR LIFE!

Tiamat: Fool! Do you wish to bring my reign to an end? I am not some type of good Samaritan that will simply do your bidding due to one simple deed!

Alyssa: Oh yeah? Well maybe you should be.

Tiamat sighs, and looks intently at Alyssa.

Tiamat: Very well, child. I shall transport you to the Other Realm. But you will have to venture into whatever world lies beyond on your own.

Alyssa: Deal. Shall we begin?

Tiamat: Indeed.

Tiamat uses his powers to open up a small portal into the Other Realm.

Tiamat: Quickly. I cannot hold it for much longer.

Alyssa: Thanks, Tiamat. We promise to return with Cypress intact.

Tiamat: Alright. No time for talking, I’m afraid.

Alyssa: I see. Let’s go, team!

The team runs into the portal.


The 3 ninja emerge into The Other Realm, as a warrior clad in black with a mask resembling a dragon head lands in front of them.

???: Hello, ninja. I have been expecting you.

Alyssa: And who exactly are you?

???: Well, the Diamond Dragon, of course.

By Blake

S1E12: The Beginning of the End, Part II

This is it.


Alyssa stares in shock at the bleeding corpse of her mother. Her face is lined with tears. She unsheaths her swords and shouts into the darkness.


Cypress emerges from the shadows, wrapping his arm around Alyssa.

Cypress: Alyssa, he can’t hear you now. It’s best if you save your strength for another day.

Alyssa: H-He killed her, Cypress. She was all I had left. And now she’s ripped from me, just like everything else.

Stevenson, Charles and Perez emerge from the doorway.

Stevenson: Alright, so are we just gonna stand here and mope, or are we gonna defeat this thing once and for all?

Alyssa lets out one last sob, before turning to the others.

Alyssa: Alright. Let’s do this. We won’t let anyone else die by Sigma’s hands again.


Tiamat and Lynda are having problems of their own, trying to defend the Spirit Kingdom from the siege of Sigma’s forces.

Lynda: Tiamat, what do we do?

Tiamat: There’s nothing else we can do! You have to go up to the portal and try to close it!

Lynda: But if we do that, Alyssa and her friends will be trapped there forever!

Tiamat: There’s no choice, Lynda! If you can’t trust me, trust yourself! You and I both know this is what we need to do.

Lynda: Alright. We can take them, at least for a while more. If they don’t make it back in 20 minutes, I’m closing them in.


Elsewhere, the team has made it to Sigma’s throne room. The lord himself sits on his throne, seemingly awaiting his doom.

Alyssa: The show’s over, Sigma! Surrender, or face us!

There is no reply. “Sigma” falls over, shattering on the ground.

Alyssa: Crap! He’s already escaped.

Stevenson: The portal is closing! We have to hurry!

The team breaks through a window, leaping out onto the pavilion of the Other Realm.  They all run toward the portal, as Stevenson flips open a control panel.

Stevenson: I can hold it open for a little longer. The problem is, you guys will have to leave me behind..

Alyssa: No. We aren’t letting you sacrifice yourself for us.

Stevenson: Alyssa, listen to me. Don’t cry for me.

He presses the button, and the portal reopens.

Stevenson: You can’t cry for someone who’s already dead.

Stevenson begins to vaporize.

Stevenson: GO!

Alyssa and the team rush through the portal at the last second, to find that Lynda has been turned into dust as well.

Tiamat: Fear not for her. She simply saw into the void of the Other Realm. Anyone with her mindset would go insane from it. I had to put her down.

Cypress: So.. I guess now we just head home. Sigma’s defeated for now, and the Other Realm is locked forev-

The portal shudders and kicks back to life. Cypress is sucked inside.

Alyssa: CYPRESS!

Tiamat blocks her with his wing.

Tiamat: It’s too late for him. Let us go.


A soft beeping is heard as Cypress comes to. He is sitting in a hospital bed. Two people are sitting at his bedside. They reaffirm to him that they are his parents.

Mrs. Robertson: Welcome home, Cypress.

Outside the building, the bodies of Cypress’s parents are hanging from the flagpole.

Mrs. Robertson: We hope you never leave us again.

By Blake

S1E11: The Beginning of the End, Part I

It all ends here.


The ninja, Lynda and Tiamat are standing on the balcony of the Spirit Kingdom, awestruck at the sheer sight of the destruction before them.

Alyssa: So what’s this “War of the Three Realms?”

Tiamat: It is an ancient prophetic event, detailing the day in which the devil returns from his realm to lay siege. You people call it “Armageddon.”

Cypress: Alright, that’s cool and all. But how do we stop it?

Tiamat: There’s no time! Use what you have learned of the Spirit Art! Go forth into the Other Realm and defeat the demons that plague us!

Alyssa: Whatever you say. Roll out, team!

The ninja leap off the balcony, heading toward the portal that was opened by Sigma. Several of Sigma’s men die in their wake.

Perez: ALRIGHT! Now we just need to get up ther-

The rift cracks open, as if by pure intention.

Perez: Oh.

The team walk into the rift, emerging in Sigma’s dungeon. The team see Stevenson locked up in the first cell.

Cypress: Stevenson?

Stevenson: Yeah, what do you want? You come to shame me some more?

Cypress: No, not at all! What are you doing down here?

Stevenson: After you guys finished off Miyakunai, Sigma had me banished down here, and promoted Kigashumi to his right-hand man.

Charles: Don’t worry, I think we can let you out!

Alyssa’s face lights up with realization.

Alyssa: You guys go on ahead. I have to find my mom.

Alyssa dashes off. She emerges in a dark chamber. Sigma’s cackling can be heard, as the room lights up to reveal Elizabeth chained to the floor.

Elizabeth: Alyssa! You came to rescue me! I knew you could. Now, just use what Tiamat taught you to get me out of here…

Alyssa: Mom.. it’s great to have you back.

Alyssa forms a key from the energy around her, using it to unlock the shackles binding Elizabeth. Suddenly, the shackles change into their true form: deadly monsters, created by Sigma for this very purpose.

Sigma:  Not so fast, Elizabeth.

One of the monsters tightens itself around Elizabeth’s throat, beginning to cut off her oxygen. She clearly struggles for each breath.


Sigma: Now now, child. Settle down. After all…

The monster around Elizabeth’s neck unravels, revealing a bladed endoskeleton. Elizabeth’s throat is immediately slit, and she falls into a heap on the floor. Alyssa stares in complete shock.

Sigma: …mother knows best..

Sigma cackles evilly as the monsters disappear in a cloud of smoke.

By Blake

S1E10: Come Crashing Down

Somewhere, in a time not too distant from our own…

Tiamat: Girls, it is time. Your training has reached its end, and now the two of you are masters in my art.

Elizabeth and Lynda smile, as Tiamat bestows a necklace onto each of them.

Tiamat: These necklaces bind you to each other, and to the Spirit Realm. Aside from my appearances, these two relics are the only way to get into this realm.

Elizabeth: Understood, Sensei Tiamat. Now, you said something when we began about a “debt” of sorts?

Tiamat: Indeed. In return for giving you training in the Spirit Arts, I only request that you give me 2 human sacrifices each. This will allow me to gain the strength to make you my successors.

Lynda: HUMAN sacrifices?

Tiamat: Indeed. Now, return to your world. It is time to see what you have learned.


In the same place, in present day…

Lynda: Tiamat, it is done. I have brought you not 2, but FOUR human sacrifices. Now, hold to your end of the bargain. Make me INFINITE!

Tiamat: In due time, my prodigy. Now, we wait. Train the recruits in the ways of the art. Who knows, they could be promising. Now, go to them. Begin lesson one.

Lynda: As you wish, my Lord.

Lynda enters the training room, and sits down next to the four ninja.

Lynda: Now, let’s begin! In order to master the Spirit Art, first you must look inside yourself. This chamber here will allow you to begin your training. Your greatest fear lies within these walls. You must face it to break the barrier between you and your Spirit Weapon. Now, who’s first?

Charles: I guess I could go first.

Lynda: Alright, step inside.


Everyone has gone through the chamber, except Alyssa. She stands in the doorway, about to enter.

Alyssa: Are you really sure I can do this?

Lynda: Sure you can, hon. Your mom would have wanted you to.

Alyssa: Alright then.

Alyssa steps into the chamber, and the door closes behind her. Elizabeth materializes, being controlled by Sigma as if she were a puppet.

Sigma: Go on, child. Kill your mother. After all, what else could you do? You’re only a ninja.

Alyssa: NO!

Alyssa charges at the illusion, unsheathing her swords. She defeats the illusion in one swoop, and the chamber doors open.

Lynda: Good! Now we can begin lesson tw-

Lynda is cut off by a deep rumbling coming from outside. The five run from the training room and see that a red rift has opened in the sky. Sigma and his forces are flying through, accompanied by hellish beings.

Tiamat: Dear Lord above. It has begun.

Alyssa: What? What’s begun?

Tiamat: The War of Three Realms.

By Blake