S2E4: The Battle of the Three Armies

Cypress ventures around the hospital, looking for a way out.

Cypress: So, this world can bend to my will, eh? I can do anything I want here? Like this, for example?

Cypress concentrates, and his left arm turns into a sword.

Cypress: That’s actually really painful. I suppose it could be useful.

An exit appears in the middle of the hallway.

Cypress: Alright! Time to get out of here! Hopefully, the team’s on their way now to get me.

Elsewhere, in the Other Realm…

Alyssa: We’ve been walking for hours. Can we stop yet?

Diamond Dragon: No, we must keep going. Your friend could have possibly discovered that the world he resides in can bend to his will. If he uses this power for too long, it could rip all of reality apart. We must rescue him as soon as we can.

Charles: Look man, normally I’d agree with you. But I’m just as fatigued as anyone else here. I say we should stop.

Diamond Dragon: No, foolish ninja! I have spent too long without this boy by my side, and I shall not waste a second on rest! Now, let us push on!

A collective groan sounds from the team, as a portal opens overhead.

Alyssa: Guys, is a portal bad or good?

Diamond Dragon: In our case, it’s better to draw your weapons and wait than to stand aside and do nothing. Let us await the arrival of our friend! Or foe! Or whatever comes out of there!

Tiamat drops out of the portal, surrounded by various soldiers.

Tiamat: Good news, everyone! We have an army!

Perez: Where did you get all these soldiers?

Tiamat: The residents of the Spirit Realm joined without haste! And when I said you lot were in trouble, I was able to recruit some of the citizens of Tokyoville as well!

Charles: Ooh, is Stevenson here? I LOVE that guy!

Tiamat: No, we couldn’t afford him. Or the mayor. Or anyone mildly recognizable.. They wouldn’t fit in our wordcount after all those explosions in the season one finale..

Diamond Dragon: Excellent! And to think, we’ve almost reached the synagogue.

The Diamond Dragon trudges ahead.

Diamond Dragon: Soon, Cypress.. we shall meet again.

By Blake

4 comments on “S2E4: The Battle of the Three Armies

  1. Aaaand it’s done! ^_^

    Fact: I had originally planned for a longer scene in the Dreamscape, but it took up too much space and really was just a pain to write. Still, maybe one day!

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