2016 Update Post!

Hey guys, Blake here! Now, I’m betting with the lack of a certain Tuesday staple, I bet you’re wondering where the series has been for this past month or so! Well, allow me to give you all a little update, and tell you where the series is going as we head into the new year.

Now, first off, let me just address the month-long absence.


I took a little unannounced break from posting, because I personally believe that putting out one episode every week was overworking myself. So, I’m giving myself a little more time to regroup and recover after the holiday season, and then things will be back on track!

But the question is, when? I’m glad you asked! Right now, I’m planning on having the series return from hiatus February 16th. That’s right folks, once next month rolls along, you can expect a triumphant return!

Once again, believe me. I’m not holding anything for ransom here. I believe that I owe you guys the best series I can possibly put out, and I’m using the break I have to get everything prepped for the second half of season 2, as well as a coming season 3.

Anyway, Blake out! PEACE!

By Blake

S2E3: Escape from Dreamland

Meanwhile, Cypress is still in his hospital bed, taking in the sights and sounds of his ‘reality.’

Cypress: Listen, mom.. I had some strange dreams while I was out. There were ninjas, and this Sigma guy, and-

Mrs. Robertson: Calm down, Cypress. You’re obviously a bit irrational after all of that medication.

Cypress: No, mom. I know that it was real. It had to have been more than just a dream.

Mrs. Robertson: Nonsense, Cypress. The medication is just making you delirious! Now lie do-

Mrs. Robertson flickers away, then returns.

Mrs. Robertson: -wn.

Cypress: I-I KNEW it…

Cypress reaches through Mrs. Robertson. His hand goes right through.

Cypress: I have to get out of here…

He gets up. Behind him, Mrs. Robertson morphs into a hideous monster.

“Mrs. Robertson”: You shouldn’t have done that, boy!

Cypress: Stay away from me! I knew it was all true!

“Mrs. Robertson”: Get back here! Lord Sigma will have your head!

Cypress: Sorry, “mother.” But I’m going through a bit of a rebellious phase!

Cypress unsheathes his katana, and slices the monster in half. It disappears in a puff of smoke.

Cypress: Alright, now let’s see, how to get out of here…


Elsewhere, Alyssa and the team are almost through the Deadly Peninsula, aided by the Diamond Dragon.

Charles: Wow, Jestro is even weaker in his own realm..

Perez: Yeah, even if we were to mention the fight that went down between us, it would only take like 2 seconds.

Charles: Apparently “playing by his rules” meant fighting it out with words…

Alyssa: Thanks again for helping us through here, Diamond Dragon. Now, once we get to this place where you say Cypress is, what do we do?

Diamond Dragon: Simple. We take the place by storm. Strength in numbers and the like, you know?

Alyssa: You don’t really have a plan, do you?

Diamond Dragon: Nope, pretty much.

Alyssa: Well, my idea is simple. We all head in, take down whatever’s lurking behind the doors, get Cypress, and then all of us high tail it out of here.

Charles: Um, Alyssa? That may be a problem..

Alyssa: Oh yeah? Why do you say that?

Suddenly, Miyakunai drops from the balcony of the High Castle.

Miyakunai: Sorry to ruin your little scheme, ninja.

Alyssa: Miyakunai? But we destroyed you!

Miyakunai: Or so you thought. You see, the stone you recovered from me simply reflects the portion of me that you sliced away. I still exist, but sadly, with not as much power. But, what I have is more than doubled by the natural environment of the Other Realm! So, what are you waiting for, ninja?

Miyakunai unsheathes a small, crescent bladed dagger.

Miyakunai: Dance, Fujimura!

By Blake