S2E6: The Key

Tiamat, now in it’s Aria Forme, sits beside the ghost of Stevenson on a fragment of the Spirit Realm Portal.

Tiamat: Indeed, former ally. You cannot return to the mortal world, for your body in our realm has been destroyed. Even my resurrection magicks could not restore you to life.

Stevenson: But.. there has to be some way, right?

Tiamat: Perhaps if we had found you sooner, there may have beenĀ a way. Bones could have been mended, organs healed, blood coagulation reversed.. But I’m afraid once the breath of life has left the body, there are limits to beyond even my magic.

Stevenson: So, what do we do now?

Tiamat: That’s just it. We’re assembling an army. Care to join us to take back what’s ours?

Stevenson: I suppose. After all, I have nothing more to lose.

Tiamat: Then it’s settled. Tonight we infiltrate Sigma’s palace, and take back our realm.

The following night, the ninja, along with Tiamat, Stevenson, and Tiamat’s army of the dead, crouch outside of the High Synagogue.

Cypress: Wow, they sure did rebuild that really quickly.

Stevenson: It serves as Sigma’s palace now.

Alyssa: Wait a second, how’d you know that?

Stevenson: Half of my spirit is linked to the amulet on his chest. I stay trapped here until that half is released. Then, I may pass on.

Perez: So how do we get in?

Tiamat: There is no other choice. One of you must fuse your power with me, and gain your True Forme.

The army looks around at each other, until Cypress sets down his blade.

Cypress: I’ll do it.

Tiamat: Are you sure? This may not be the wisest decision.

Cypress: Indeed, I am. Then let’s begin.

After the fusion process is complete, Cypress awakens, only to find the army has been found out, and are being held on chains by Sigma’s forces.

Cypress: W-what’s going on?

Alyssa: While you were out, Sigma’s forces saw the process taking place and now they’re hauling us all off to somewhere.

One of Sigma’s guards walks from the palace gates, holding a note from his master.

Guard: We just got word from the boss! Send them to The Raft!

Alyssa: The Raft? What’s The Raft?

One day later, the army is held in The Raft, Sigma’s intergalactic prison.

Alyssa: Oh. This is the Raft.

By Blake