S1E6: The Bandits Begin

Alyssa sits the team down on the couch.

Alyssa: Alright, no more secrets between us. Charles, Perez… are you sure you want to go through with this?

Charles: It’s best we tell him now..

Perez: He might hear it from Sigma otherwise…

Alyssa: Well.. I suppose if we’re going to tell the story, we have to go back to the very beginning…

A stifled sob emits from Alyssa’s throat.

Alyssa: ..the day my mother died…


Kigashumi: Where are you, Elizabeth? You can’t hide from Sigma forever!

A piece of wall is thrown in the general direction of a mother, a small dog and her young daughter.

Alyssa: Mommy, why does the monster want to hurt us?

Elizabeth: It doesn’t want you, sweetheart. It only wants me.

Alyssa: But why?! Duck and I will miss you!

At the mention of its name, the dog looks up and barks. Elizabeth runs her fingers through her daughter’s hair.

Elizabeth: It’ll be alright, baby. Just remember what I taught you, and you’ll be fine.

She pulls the child’s head to hers, kissing her forehead gently.

Elizabeth: Don’t forget me.

At this, Elizabeth rushes out into Kigashumi’s line of sight, and makes two katanas materialize out of thin air.

Elizabeth: So, Sigma sent you to deal with me, eh? How sad. Only a third-rate fraud like him would send his goons to do his job.

Kigashumi: You honestly think that you can defeat me with that forbidden art, Elizabeth?

He motions toward the katanas in each of Elizabeth’s hands.

Elizabeth: The Spirit Weapons were mine to protect in the first place, Kigashumi.

She chants a word under her breath, and the katanas ignite in an orange flame.

Elizabeth: So if I go down, I’m taking you down with me!

Elizabeth charges at Kigashumi, as the small girl closes her eyes.

Through her own tears, she never hears the blood-curdling scream.


Back on the couch, Alyssa is about to break down in both physical sadness and anger.

Alyssa: She never did drag that monster down with her. That’s why I have to kill Kigashumi myself. I have to finish the job.

Alyssa pulls out a small leather book.

Alyssa: This is all that my mother left me before.. it happened. She says it’s the only way to defeat Kigashumi.. the only problem is, it’s in this weird code. Anyway, we’re getting off track. Charles.. you wanna take over?

Charles: Sure thing. I can’t bear to see you lose your composure like this.


A small orange flame is sending a glow through a dark alley in the southern region of Tokyoville. Around the small fire, two boys sit, one with thick, taped-together black glasses, and the other with a torn sleeveless shirt.

Perez: It’s cold out tonight, Charles. I wish that our parents were here..

 Charles: Perez, listen to me. Those people weren’t our parents. The orphanage was a madhouse. They were breeding those… things down there. Right under our noses.

Perez: But Charles, we’ve been living on the streets! We are literally all that’s left of that place. And-

Perez’s rant is interrupted by a stirring in the shadows.

Perez: What was that?

Charles: It was nothing, don’t worry.

A shadow looms over the wall.

Charles: Stay here. I’m gonna go see what’s out there.

Charles picks up a small wooden log from the fire pit and hurls it at the shadow. A girl’s scream is heard.

Alyssa: What the heck? I get that I may have freaked you out, but was that any reason to hurl a flaming log at me?

Charles: I’m sorry. I thought you were another one of them… State your name, age, and business here.

Alyssa: M-My name is Alyssa.. I’m 11, going to be 12 in a few months.. I just wanted something to eat.

Charles: Are you another refugee from the orphanage?

Alyssa: No.. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. All I know is that my mother.. she.. she’s gone.

Charles: So you’re an orphan like Perez and I here?

Alyssa: Yeah.. my mom was killed by this giant lizard monster… He said his name was Kigashumi..

Charles: Wait. Perez… she knows about… them..

Alyssa: What do you mean?

Charles: It’ll take some explaining, kid. Just come sit with us around the fire, and we’ll try to get you up to speed.


Cypress: Wow. So tell me, who.. or what… was them?

Charles: Listen, Cypress. If you’re gonna work under us, we have to tell you what exactly we’re up against.

Charles sighs.

Charles: They’re humans, Cypress. All of Sigma’s monsters, all his goons. They were all human once.

By Blake

S1E5: Compromised

The team is working on repairing the dojo after yesterday’s attack.

 Cypress: I never was good with a hammer. My dad always made me just apply the plaster…

Alyssa: Cypress, this is drywall. You’re not supposed to hammer it..

Charles: Just let me do it..

Perez: No need! I’ve invented my magnum opus!

Cypress: Your what?

Perez: My magnum opus! A robot that can make simple repairs and also assist us in field missions! Please welcome our new fifth member, the Black Dragon!

A whirring is heard, as a robotic ninja staggers into the room.

Black Dragon: Black Dragon Mark One ready to assist you, Master Perez..

Perez: Now Black Dragon, repair the wall!

Black Dragon: Processing command, “Repair wall…” Initiating Response024a.. “Indeed, Master Perez.”

The robot dashes around, repairing the wall quickly.

Cypress: Wellllll…. since we have nothing to do… who wants to go play video games?!

Charles: YEAH!

The team rushes off, leaving the Black Dragon alone.

Black Dragon: No commands detected. Shutting down…

The robot enters sleep mode, as a jolt of electricity explodes from the wall in which it’s plugged in.


The robot’s voice shuts off, as the body is taken over by one of Sigma’s computers.


Sigma: Kobashigawa, are we in?

Kobashigawa: Yes sir! Ever since you told me to hack into this robot, I’ve been attempting to crack this code! It should do whatever you tell it to now, sir!

Sigma: Alright! Now, it is time to rid myself of those ninja once and for all.


Perez: Alright, now that we’re done with our video games, let’s check up on the Black Dragon!

Perez fiddles with a joystick, as the robot is heard thundering down the hall.

Perez: Hmm.. odd. Usually it comes right through the-

A missile fires through the wall, missing Perez by an inch.

Perez: Or it could just make a new one. That’s cool.

Cypress: Perez, can’t you stop it?

Perez: No! It seems like it’s out of my control!

Alyssa: Fine, then we’ll make it stop. Perez, Charles, evasive maneuver alpha!

Charles and Perez nod, and jump into position. All three charge at the robot.

Charles: Sorry to do this, buddy.

Perez:  Don’t be sorry! Kill it before it kills us!

Charles rips the robot’s head off, sending it crashing to the floor.

Cypress: Wow! What was that move you guys just did?!

Alyssa: A little thing we worked up during our years as street bandits.

Cypress: Cool! Can you teach me?

Alyssa: Sure, but first we have to get you into the mindset. Sit down, Cypress. It’s time I tell you about our beginnings.


Sigma: Curses! The ninja have foiled my plans! Kigashumi, fetch me my backup!

Kigashumi hands Sigma a glowing red orb.

Sigma: Yes, it is finally ready. The Shi has finally prepared.

By Blake

S1E4: Clowning Around

It is early morning at the dojo. The team is waking up to begin a training session.

Cypress: Alyssa, can’t we sleep in? We had a big day yesterday, what with the haunted house and the friends going poof and…

Alyssa: Cypress, you saw what happened with Kigashumi. Sigma could unleash new monsters at any moment, and we need to be prepared! I’m sure you understand.

Cypress: No. No Alyssa, I don’t understand. Just because we have to train, doesn’t mean Sigma is gonna unleash a new monster at any given mome-

The roof of the dojo caves in, showing a disfigured clown’s face.

Jestro: Well, speak of the devil. I finally found you!


Cypress: Just shut up and run.

The team run into the next room, stocking up on weapons.

Charles: I have a reading on this guy! His name is Jestro. He was created by mixing a typical circus clown with one of Sigma’s dying monsters! He has the ability to shapeshift into any given person or object.

Jestro shapeshifts into Charles, jumping down into the room.

Jestro: Oh WOW! I guess I’m more famous than I thought! Anyway, I guess it’s time to destroy you now.

Jestro flexes his muscles, as they bulge into something beyond comprehension.

Jestro: It’s too bad I have to kill you, really. The show was just about to start!

Jestro puts his fingers to his mouth, letting out a shrill whistle.

Jestro: MIYAKUNAI! You can come out now! I got them right where Sigma wants them!

The wall rumbles, revealing that it was in fact another shapeshifting monster.

Perez: I swear, if it turns out that everything we own is a monster, I’m going to scream.

Miyakunai: So, Jestro. You could have been a bit more polite when you knocked a hole in me. Anyway, it’s no matter. You may go now, Jestro. It’s time I take matters into my own hands.

Miyakunai touches the gaping hole in his side. The flesh begins to mend.

Cypress: Are you kidding me?! IT REGENERATES?!

Perez: It’s a Mary Sue’s worst nightmare…

Cypress: What did you just say?

Perez: Oh, I said Mary Sue! A traditional Japanese manga and comic term meaning a character who is perfect in any way, shape or form! They can usually be killed by finding the weak spot.

Cypress has already charged into action.

Cypress: Say no more!

Cypress digs his sword deep into Miyakunai’s leg.

Cypress: Hmm. Not the weak spot, I see. No matter. We’ll just keep going till we find it, eh?

The remainder of the team charges after Miyakunai, taking him down with four swords at once.

Cypress: CHARLES! Hold your sword there!

Charles: On it!

Charles grips his sword tighter, as the monster disintegrates into a stone.

Alyssa: I don’t believe it. We got his stone. We actually killed one of Sigma’s monsters!

Cypress: So wait. If we kill one, it turns into a rock?

Alyssa: Exactly! Each monster turns into a rock, which we can then use to combat Sigma when the time comes!

Cypress: So it’s like Dekumon?

Perez: Pretty much…

Alyssa: Nevermind! It’s time to get this thing stored properly!

The team walk off to the dojo, stone in hand.


Jestro: My Lord! Miyakunai has failed in his mission! The ninja have gotten his stone!

Sigma: I should have known not to use him. His weak spot is in plain sight. Stevenson! Fetch the rest of the Corps. It’s time to head down to Earth.

By Blake

S1E3: ScaryNinjas

Somewhere, in the Lorglax galaxy of Gamma Sector 4….

Sigma: Finally. It’s time. The one day a year when I can feed off of the pure horror of others. All Hallow’s Eve.

Stevenson: My Lord, I have contacted the Corps as you requested. They shall be beaming down to Earth shortly.

Sigma: Excellent work, Stevenson. And now it begins.


Cypress: Happy Halloween, everyone!

Alyssa: Cypress, we don’t necessarily get to celebrate Halloween in this line of duty.

Cypress: And why is that?

Alyssa: It’s the one day a year in which Sigma could actually triumph over our defenses. He feeds off the horror of the people of Tokyoville.

Cypress: Nonsense! Everyone needs a little fright now and then! Which is exactly the reason I booked us 4 tickets to Crazy Bob’s Haunted House!

Charles: Wait, isn’t Crazy Bob that guy in the woods who lives off nothing but dead rats and sewer water?

Perez: I’m pretty sure he has rabies.

Cypress: There’s a good chance he does! But that’s the fun of it!

Alyssa: Fine, we’ll do your haunted house thing. It should be a break from fighting Sigma, anyway…

Later, at Crazy Bob’s Haunted House..

Crazy Bob: Come one, come all to Crazy Bob’s Haunted House! We’ve got thrills and chills! Just make sure to get your tetanus shot at the door!

Cypress: Alright!

The team walks into the house.

Crazy Bob: Please, take off your shoes! I have a thing about shoes!

Later, inside…

Cypress: Wow, Alyssa, wasn’t that skeleton scary?

Alyssa: It was just a paper plate tied to a broom.

Cypress: Aw, you ruin all the fun! Anyway, let’s go on to the next room!

The team walks into the library, as the door slams behind them.

Charles: Wait, why is the door closed?!

Perez: Is it LOCKED?!

Cypress: Calm down guys, the door isn’t locked. See, I’ll prove it to you!

Cypress pulls the door, which doesn’t budge.

Cypress: Okay, we’re gonna die here.

Alyssa: I knew it! Halloween is an an awful holiday! We’re gonna die here!

Suddenly, the lights flicker. They come back on, to reveal Perez has disappeared.

Cypress: Oh great! Now Perez is gone!

Alyssa: Listen up, guys. There has to be a way out of here.

Charles: But how are we supposed to get out? The only one good at lockpicking was Perez, and now look at what happened to him!

Cypress: Okay. Calm down. Charles, what if you tried to ram the door down?

Charles: Good idea!

Charles rams the door, succeeding in breaking it down. A series of puzzles are revealed behind it.

Cypress: COOL! This is just like my favorite horror movie, Wrench! Now we just have to get out of these puzzles and we’ll be free!

Alyssa: Or we could just use the stairs…

Alyssa motions toward a staircase, in which Perez is standing.

Perez: Oh hey guys! I went to go get a cheese dog from the concession stand! Anyway, I found a staircase that leads outside!

Cypress: Fine. We’ll do it your way, Alyssa.

Later at the dojo….

Cypress: Who’s ready for a scary movie marathon?!

Alyssa: Thanks anyway, Cy, but I think we’re all scared out for tonight.

Cypress: Fine. I guess I’ll just go watch Wrench IV: The Final Twist by myself.

Charles: Wait, you mean the one where they reveal who Boltcutter is?! I wanna watch!

Perez: Count me in!

The three walk off, leaving Alyssa alone in the room.

Alyssa: Fine. I guess I can’t fight majority rule… WAIT UP!

Alyssa follows them out of room.


Sigma: Excellent, Stevenson. My energy is refilled. Let the fun truly begin.

By Blake

S1E2: Training Day

Cypress: *wakes up* Oh, I’m so excited! It’s finally time to start training for my new job!

Alyssa: Cypress, don’t count it as a job. People DIE in this line of duty.

Cypress: Wait, what’d ya say, chief? All I heard was “Cypress, blah blah blah, job, blah blah blah.”

Alyssa: *sighs* Why didn’t we just leave you on the sidewalk…?

Charles: Alyssa! We’re getting reports in from town square! Kigashumi’s back!

Alyssa: What?! *runs over to computer screen* And it looks like he’s brought his friends to play..

Charles: *tosses Cypress uniform* Suit up, rookie. Looks like we’ll be training in the field today.

Later, in the town square…

Cypress: Woah, it’s that giant lizard man from before!

Alyssa: Yes. And his name is Kigashumi. He works for Lord Sigma, an intergalactic warlord bent on taking over Tokyoville and turning us all into his slaves. Everyone fears him, but we were the four who rose up and banded together to-

Perez: Um, Alyssa? No time for a history lesson… He’s about to ATTACK!

Alyssa: Defensive maneuver Alpha, GO!

The team escapes harm’s way just as a building is toppled by Kigashumi’s tail.

Alyssa: Okay, like I said before. Evil lizard guy is controlled by spaceman who wants to enslave us. Got it?

Cypress: Got it.

Perez: Alyssa, remember the coda! Go for the tail!

Charles: Why are we going for the tail again?

Alyssa: Because Kigashumi’s tail is his main source of power! We chop it off, and he’s all mine!

Cypress: You mean ours.

Alyssa: No, I mean mine. Listen, just get his tail off. Maybe I’ll explain later.

The four ninja charge Kigashumi from behind.

Alyssa: Get him from the rear! That’s his blindspot!

Cypress: On it!

Cypress impales Kigashumi in the rear, sending him running off. Sigma appears from a cloud of smoke left in his wake.

Sigma: Well done, puny ninja. You, female one. Your work commanding your team is.. surprisingly well done. You do a good job keeping them together. Too bad you couldn’t put her back together as well..

A visibly stunned expression crosses Alyssa’s face.

Sigma: Farewell, ninja. Until we meet again.

The cloud of smoke dissipates, taking Sigma with it.

Cypress: What was..?

Alyssa: Shut up. Forget it… just head back to the dojo…

Later, on the dojo roof…

Cypress: *opens door* Alyssa, you out here?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Cypress: We were going out for pizza to celebrate the mostly-non-destroyed part of town square.. Wanna come?

Alyssa: No thanks.. Cypress, can we talk for a minute?

Cypress: Yeah, what’s up?

He sits down.

Alyssa: You know why we retreated today, right?

Cypress: No.. why?

Alyssa: Sigma… he just rubbed salt in the wound..

Cypress: What do you mean?

Alyssa: Years ago, Kigashumi.. He killed my mother. Right in front of me. I lived on the streets for years, It’s where I met Charles and Perez. We started out as a gang of street bandits until Sigma returned. That’s when we put together whatever we had scraped together, bought this place, and started to prepare for war.

Cypress: So.. you’re saying..?

Alyssa: Yes, Cypress. We’re going to war with Sigma. It’s why I get competitive when we fight Kigashumi.. I have to win. I have to avenge my mother.

Cypress: I understand your pain. My brother died years ago in a boating accident.. I never saw him in his last days.. Never had a chance to say goodbye.

Alyssa: Tell you what, Cypress. Let’s go get that pizza. We can sit around and be all sobby later.


He rushes down the stairs.

Alyssa: Cypress, I hope you know how much power you hold. I hope you know that you’re a bigger part of this than any of us will ever be.


Elsewhere, on Sigma’s ship..

Sigma: Stevenson!

Stevenson: Yes, Lord Sigma?

Sigma: Fetch the Corps. We’re going to war.

By Blake

S1E1: The Start of Something New

In a world…

No. We aren’t starting with that. Every action movie starts with that. Just cut to the opening.

We open in Tokyoville, a city that is totally not a rip off of anything that exists in real life. A monster is emerging, ready to attack. But the group of ninja protecting the city are ready to fight back!

But little do they know, a deeper threat lurks beyond the surface…

Alyssa: Charles, how’s the tracking going?

Charles: Going pretty good. Sigma’s monsters aren’t going to be terrorizing civilians for much longer.

Alyssa: Great! Now if we could only get into Sigma’s base, we could have him down as well! Speaking of which, how’s the cloaking device coming, Perez?

Perez: *working at table* Good. I just wish you wouldn’t drive so fast, Alyssa. It’s interfering with my work….

Alyssa: Well, you try navigating a four way intersection with a radioactive lizard on your tail.

Charles: Wait, hold up! You’re going to hit someone!

The van swerves, colliding with a building.

Alyssa: No! Kigashumi got away!

Perez: Don’t keep calling him that. It won’t catch on…

Charles: Guys! Are we just going to sit here and let that guy we just HIT WITH OUR VAN BLEED OUT ON THE SIDEWALK?

Alyssa: *sighs* Fine. Perez, get the stretcher. Let’s just take him back to the dojo.

Later, at the ninja’s hideout….

Cypress: *wakes up* Ugh.. what happened?

Perez: *monitoring vitals* You took a serious blow to the ribcage. But don’t worry, I fitted you with some of my new bone replacements. As soon as you heal, you won’t feel a thing.

Alyssa: *pokes head in door* Perez! Team meeting!

Perez: Oop, sorry. Gotta go.

Later, in the ninja conference room…

Alyssa: *sighs* Look guys. We can’t just dump him out in the town square. He’s seen the dojo. And besides, Stevenson went to Sigma last week. I say we let him join…

Back in the medical ward…

Cypress: So you’re saying that you’re just going to let me join you guys?

Alyssa: Yes, we have no choice. I hate to say this, but… welcome to the team, rookie. Training begins tomorrow. *tosses uniform onto Cypress’s lap.

Later that night…

Stevenson: *looking through window* Yes, my lord. It is all going according to plan…

By Blake