S0E2: Rise

The newly-minted Diamond Dragon sits, perched on a rooftop. His mission is about to begin. The voice of Professor Garrison comes through a headset in his helmet.

Prof. Garrison: Before we begin, repeat to me your protocol.

Diamond Dragon: Scan the area. Eliminate hostiles. Spare innocents. Escape.

Prof. Garrison: Good, good. Now, let us commence.

The Dragon jumps from his spot, and lands atop one of the “hostiles,” a visiting senator. The other two people in his party scream, and try to run away.

Diamond Dragon: Not so fast, villains.

The Dragon flicks his wrist, and two grappling hooks attach to either side of the opposite buildings. He leaps into action, landing in front of the two escapees.

Prof. Garrison: Now, before they get away! Kill them!

Diamond Dragon: Yes, master.


Outside the lab, Professor Garrison is checking the Dragon’s armor for any flaws.

Prof. Garrison: You seem to be doing just fine, Dragon. Now, for your next miss-

Diamond Dragon: Master.

Prof. Garrison: Yes?

Diamond Dragon: Why were those people hostile?

Prof. Garrison: Aah, yes. They were government officials sent to check up on the grant given to me by the institute. If they found out the things I was up to here, I wouldn’t have much of a business left, now would I?

Diamond Dragon: I am killing innocents, master.

Prof. Garrison: For the greater good, my pupil.

The Dragon rises up, and grips his master around the throat, lifting him up to meet his gaze.

Diamond Dragon: I am killing innocents. This is not what I want to do.

Prof. Garrison: Go ahead. Kill me. You’re no better than I am. I gave you a home, shelter from the law, and in turn you take my life. You think they’ll accept you back into society the way you are now? NO! They’ll turn you away, just as they turned away me!

The Dragon leaps into the water surrounding the lab. He thrusts Garrison ahead of him, and begins to drown them both. The Dragon’s armor begins to short-circuit, leaving him on the edge of death.

Diamond Dragon: That’s just it. I’m nothing like you.

The Dragon slumps to the bottom of the moat, dead. Garrison wrenches his body off of him, and flees into the woods nearby.

The Other Realm. A dark, damp place populated by the otherworldly demons that plague our world. A world of many names. The Other Realm. Hell. Purgatory. Limbo.

But for me? It’s the land of redemption.

I’ve done things. Things I’m not proud of. Things that will plague me for the remainder of whatever life this suit gives me in this realm. From now on, I am the Diamond Dragon.

And for once, this dragon will bring others to the light.

By Blake

One comment on “S0E2: Rise

  1. anotha one

    Hey guys, Blake here! I hope you’ve enjoyed the double-episode release today. I just wanted to finish off the Season 0/Prologue tonight before I move into the final stretch of Season 2 starting tomorrow. Yes, I PROMISE that by the end of this week, most of what you’ve been wondering about this prologue will be revealed. For example:

    -Who is Drago, and what relation does he have to Cypress?
    -What were they making in that orphanage Charles and Perez escaped from?
    -Whatever happened to Professor Garrison? Is he still out there? And if so, where?

    All of these questions and more will be answered in the conclusion of Season 2 of StupidNinjas!


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