S0E1: Pendulum

Drago is strapped to a table, fearful of what he has gotten himself into.

Drago: Uh, hello? You said something about making me a soldier..

Prof. Garrison: Yes, yes. All in due time, my good man. After all, every soldier must go through intense training.

At the mention of training, a syringe springs from the wall, injecting a purple liquid into Drago.

Prof. Garrison: Give it time.

Drago begins to convulse, before slipping into unconsciousness.

Prof. Garrison: Just give it time.

Elsewhere, in a corner of Tokyoville..

Mrs. Robertson: I’m home!

A young boy runs up, and hugs his mother.

Cypress: Mom! You’re back! But.. where’s Drago?

Mrs. Robertson: I went out and looked for him, honey, but… he’s gone.

Cypress’s face deflates, and he begins to blink back tears.

Cypress: So.. he’s dead?

Mrs. Robertson: No, honey. He just took you up on your little challenge and tried to go down the river on his little boat. The police are looking for him. Everything will be okay.

Cypress: Okay, mom..

Cypress returns to his room, still unsure of Drago’s whereabouts. Mrs. Robertson sits down in a chair next to her husband.

Mrs. Robertson: What am I supposed to do, Edward? I don’t want to tell him that we have no idea where his brother is. I just want him.. I just want us to be happy.

Mr. Robertson: You just do what’s right for you, dear. Only you can make your own happiness.

Back in the lab, Drago has awoken from his comatose state.

Prof. Garrison: Aah, finally awake, are we?

Drago: Listen, you old man. Let me go. I don’t want to do this anymore… I have a family.

Prof. Garrison: Now, child. Your old life.. your old self.. he’s dead.

With the push of a button, turquoise armor encloses Drago.

Prof. Garrison: And in his place, the Diamond Dragon rises.

By Blake

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