S0E0: Rebirth

March, 1989. An undisclosed location.

Woman: So you’re saying he’s gone?!

Police Officer: I’m sorry to report it, ma’am. But sadly, yes. The current swept him away, there was simply nothing we could do.

Woman: But what do I tell his brother? He already thinks he’s responsible for this!

Police Officer: Ma’am, I apologize for your loss. We only have jurisdiction over the Tokyoville metro area. Anything beyond that is out of our hands.

In between fits of sobs, the woman speaks.

Woman: We.. we have family… in the upper west side…They can search..

Police Officer: It would be in your best interests, yes ma’am. Meanwhile, we can search the remaining isles on the coast of the creek he fell into.

Woman: Thank- thank you.

Police Officer: Now go home, get some rest. Our force will call you in the morning.

April, 1989. Tokyoville Metro Area. A rundown apartment building.

A young woman sits around a fire with two older men. They feast on whatever scraps they can find from their hunt yesterday.

Alyssa: You do realize it’s our five year anniversary, correct?

Perez: Yep. But why would we want to celebrate five years of running from the law, and getting by with whatever we can?

Charles: Perez, quiet. Be good to the girl.

Alyssa: Growing up, my mother and I.. we didn’t have much. My father left shortly after I was born. Said something about “making a deal with the devil.”

Charles: Impossible. Stuff like that don’t exist.

Alyssa: You sure about that? I heard you fellas talking, when we first met. Talking about them “growing those things” down there in the orphanage you guys escaped from.

Perez: Don’t egg him on, Alyssa. Charles was.. he was one of them. I was about to become one too, before I busted out. Took him with me.

Charles: Yeah. They injected all kinda stuff into me. Said it was supposed to make me grow “stronger.” Beef up my senses. X-240, they called it.

Perez: We lit the stash ablaze, and then blew the place. All that stuff really ever did to Charles here was give him a bit of extra strength.

Alyssa: You sure that burning it down was the correct choice? We could go back.. scavenge for answers..

Perez: Hey, you know what all the greats say. Can’t start a revolution without a spark.

March, 1989. Upper east side of Tokyoville. A young man washes up on the beach near X-240 Labs.

Drago: Where-where am I?

Suddenly, the once dark lab lights up, revealing a fairly-recent looking burn mark in the side of the building. An older man steps out, his cane clunking against the cold linoleum flooring.

Prof. Garrison: Welcome to X-240 Labs. My name is Professor William H. Garrison. Forgive me if I hasten.

The young man keels back a bit, taken aback by the man’s sudden appearance.

Prof. Garrison: Now, now, patient 23-100. It is time to begin the Soldier Program.

By Blake

One comment on “S0E0: Rebirth

  1. Before we continue on with season 2, I believe it’s due time to delve into the origins of some of our cast of characters using a 3-part saga I like to call “Rebirth.” This, of course being the first episode. Going forth from this will be the other two parts, Rise and Ashes. Then, Season 2 will resume as planned. Think of it as a type of “season 0.”

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