2016 Update Post!

Hey guys, Blake here! Now, I’m betting with the lack of a certain Tuesday staple, I bet you’re wondering where the series has been for this past month or so! Well, allow me to give you all a little update, and tell you where the series is going as we head into the new year.

Now, first off, let me just address the month-long absence.


I took a little unannounced break from posting, because I personally believe that putting out one episode every week was overworking myself. So, I’m giving myself a little more time to regroup and recover after the holiday season, and then things will be back on track!

But the question is, when? I’m glad you asked! Right now, I’m planning on having the series return from hiatus February 16th. That’s right folks, once next month rolls along, you can expect a triumphant return!

Once again, believe me. I’m not holding anything for ransom here. I believe that I owe you guys the best series I can possibly put out, and I’m using the break I have to get everything prepped for the second half of season 2, as well as a coming season 3.

Anyway, Blake out! PEACE!

By Blake

3 comments on “2016 Update Post!

  1. It’s okay. Waiting for GH to send me something is more suspenseful then waiting for you to come back. I knew you would return, ’cause you’re kinda dedicated to the storyline, no matter what. <– author words!

  2. Hi hi Blake 🙂 Okay, I know this is extremely late, but…
    The fan art. I had to restart it several times because I wasn’t happy with either the lines or the look. I am redoing it on my drawing tablet and will send it as soon as it’s done!! I’m also listening to really emotional music that makes me want to draw *cries*

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