S2E3: Escape from Dreamland

Meanwhile, Cypress is still in his hospital bed, taking in the sights and sounds of his ‘reality.’

Cypress: Listen, mom.. I had some strange dreams while I was out. There were ninjas, and this Sigma guy, and-

Mrs. Robertson: Calm down, Cypress. You’re obviously a bit irrational after all of that medication.

Cypress: No, mom. I know that it was real. It had to have been more than just a dream.

Mrs. Robertson: Nonsense, Cypress. The medication is just making you delirious! Now lie do-

Mrs. Robertson flickers away, then returns.

Mrs. Robertson: -wn.

Cypress: I-I KNEW it…

Cypress reaches through Mrs. Robertson. His hand goes right through.

Cypress: I have to get out of here…

He gets up. Behind him, Mrs. Robertson morphs into a hideous monster.

“Mrs. Robertson”: You shouldn’t have done that, boy!

Cypress: Stay away from me! I knew it was all true!

“Mrs. Robertson”: Get back here! Lord Sigma will have your head!

Cypress: Sorry, “mother.” But I’m going through a bit of a rebellious phase!

Cypress unsheathes his katana, and slices the monster in half. It disappears in a puff of smoke.

Cypress: Alright, now let’s see, how to get out of here…


Elsewhere, Alyssa and the team are almost through the Deadly Peninsula, aided by the Diamond Dragon.

Charles: Wow, Jestro is even weaker in his own realm..

Perez: Yeah, even if we were to mention the fight that went down between us, it would only take like 2 seconds.

Charles: Apparently “playing by his rules” meant fighting it out with words…

Alyssa: Thanks again for helping us through here, Diamond Dragon. Now, once we get to this place where you say Cypress is, what do we do?

Diamond Dragon: Simple. We take the place by storm. Strength in numbers and the like, you know?

Alyssa: You don’t really have a plan, do you?

Diamond Dragon: Nope, pretty much.

Alyssa: Well, my idea is simple. We all head in, take down whatever’s lurking behind the doors, get Cypress, and then all of us high tail it out of here.

Charles: Um, Alyssa? That may be a problem..

Alyssa: Oh yeah? Why do you say that?

Suddenly, Miyakunai drops from the balcony of the High Castle.

Miyakunai: Sorry to ruin your little scheme, ninja.

Alyssa: Miyakunai? But we destroyed you!

Miyakunai: Or so you thought. You see, the stone you recovered from me simply reflects the portion of me that you sliced away. I still exist, but sadly, with not as much power. But, what I have is more than doubled by the natural environment of the Other Realm! So, what are you waiting for, ninja?

Miyakunai unsheathes a small, crescent bladed dagger.

Miyakunai: Dance, Fujimura!

By Blake

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