S2E2: The Diamond Dragon

aThe team stares in awe, as the Diamond Dragon jumps in front of them.

Diamond Dragon: So, are you just going to stand there? Or are we going to go rescue your friend?

Alyssa: I.. guess we could go rescue him. But the question is, which way?

The Diamond Dragon sticks a finger into the air.

Diamond Dragon: It’s simple, really. The Other Realm can confuse newbies like you. Basic rundown, our realm is an inverted copy of yours. It’s logical to assume that your friend is being held in our highest place of worship, which in this case would be yours as well.

Alyssa: That would be the High Castle.

Diamond Dragon: In our world, that’s Sigma’s base.

Charles: Sigma?! You mean after all that, he’s still alive?

Diamond Dragon: Yes. He may be vulnerable, but he’s still there.

Perez: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

The team charges off. They almost reach the edge of the cliff before the Diamond Dragon stops them.

Diamond Dragon: Now now, you can’t just go diving into the Cliffs of Satinam without a guide.

Alyssa: I see. Now, who’s going to come with me?

Charles: I guess we have to follow her, huh?

Perez: Yeah, otherwise we could get eaten by whatever lives here.

Suddenly, Jestro leaps from underneath the cliff.

Jestro: Aah, the little pests have finally arrived! Welcome to my domain, boys. This time, you play by my rules.

By Blake

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