S2E1: The Other Realm

The team stands in front of the now collapsed portal, taking in what has just happened.

Alyssa: Tiamat.. there has to be some way to get him back.

Tiamat: I’m sorry, child, but there is no way. The only way that could even come close would take all of my power.

Charles: Tiamat, you have to. This is Cypress we’re talking about. He said he would follow us to the ends of the earth.

Tiamat: SILENCE, CHILD! There is no way in my power to save your friend! It’s best to just return home and forget about him.

Alyssa rears back and punches Tiamat in the face.

Alyssa: After we’ve been through what we just did. After the War on Three Realms, and Sigma being defeated, you’re going to deny us this one little thing?! WE SAVED YOUR LIFE!

Tiamat: Fool! Do you wish to bring my reign to an end? I am not some type of good Samaritan that will simply do your bidding due to one simple deed!

Alyssa: Oh yeah? Well maybe you should be.

Tiamat sighs, and looks intently at Alyssa.

Tiamat: Very well, child. I shall transport you to the Other Realm. But you will have to venture into whatever world lies beyond on your own.

Alyssa: Deal. Shall we begin?

Tiamat: Indeed.

Tiamat uses his powers to open up a small portal into the Other Realm.

Tiamat: Quickly. I cannot hold it for much longer.

Alyssa: Thanks, Tiamat. We promise to return with Cypress intact.

Tiamat: Alright. No time for talking, I’m afraid.

Alyssa: I see. Let’s go, team!

The team runs into the portal.


The 3 ninja emerge into The Other Realm, as a warrior clad in black with a mask resembling a dragon head lands in front of them.

???: Hello, ninja. I have been expecting you.

Alyssa: And who exactly are you?

???: Well, the Diamond Dragon, of course.

By Blake

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