S1E12: The Beginning of the End, Part II

This is it.


Alyssa stares in shock at the bleeding corpse of her mother. Her face is lined with tears. She unsheaths her swords and shouts into the darkness.


Cypress emerges from the shadows, wrapping his arm around Alyssa.

Cypress: Alyssa, he can’t hear you now. It’s best if you save your strength for another day.

Alyssa: H-He killed her, Cypress. She was all I had left. And now she’s ripped from me, just like everything else.

Stevenson, Charles and Perez emerge from the doorway.

Stevenson: Alright, so are we just gonna stand here and mope, or are we gonna defeat this thing once and for all?

Alyssa lets out one last sob, before turning to the others.

Alyssa: Alright. Let’s do this. We won’t let anyone else die by Sigma’s hands again.


Tiamat and Lynda are having problems of their own, trying to defend the Spirit Kingdom from the siege of Sigma’s forces.

Lynda: Tiamat, what do we do?

Tiamat: There’s nothing else we can do! You have to go up to the portal and try to close it!

Lynda: But if we do that, Alyssa and her friends will be trapped there forever!

Tiamat: There’s no choice, Lynda! If you can’t trust me, trust yourself! You and I both know this is what we need to do.

Lynda: Alright. We can take them, at least for a while more. If they don’t make it back in 20 minutes, I’m closing them in.


Elsewhere, the team has made it to Sigma’s throne room. The lord himself sits on his throne, seemingly awaiting his doom.

Alyssa: The show’s over, Sigma! Surrender, or face us!

There is no reply. “Sigma” falls over, shattering on the ground.

Alyssa: Crap! He’s already escaped.

Stevenson: The portal is closing! We have to hurry!

The team breaks through a window, leaping out onto the pavilion of the Other Realm.  They all run toward the portal, as Stevenson flips open a control panel.

Stevenson: I can hold it open for a little longer. The problem is, you guys will have to leave me behind..

Alyssa: No. We aren’t letting you sacrifice yourself for us.

Stevenson: Alyssa, listen to me. Don’t cry for me.

He presses the button, and the portal reopens.

Stevenson: You can’t cry for someone who’s already dead.

Stevenson begins to vaporize.

Stevenson: GO!

Alyssa and the team rush through the portal at the last second, to find that Lynda has been turned into dust as well.

Tiamat: Fear not for her. She simply saw into the void of the Other Realm. Anyone with her mindset would go insane from it. I had to put her down.

Cypress: So.. I guess now we just head home. Sigma’s defeated for now, and the Other Realm is locked forev-

The portal shudders and kicks back to life. Cypress is sucked inside.

Alyssa: CYPRESS!

Tiamat blocks her with his wing.

Tiamat: It’s too late for him. Let us go.


A soft beeping is heard as Cypress comes to. He is sitting in a hospital bed. Two people are sitting at his bedside. They reaffirm to him that they are his parents.

Mrs. Robertson: Welcome home, Cypress.

Outside the building, the bodies of Cypress’s parents are hanging from the flagpole.

Mrs. Robertson: We hope you never leave us again.

By Blake

4 comments on “S1E12: The Beginning of the End, Part II

  1. And that’s the end of Season One of stupidninjas! I left you guys on a major cliffhanger, didn’t I? Anyway, Season Two, Episode One will be released on the 12th! I can’t stay away from you guys for two long 😉

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