S1E11: The Beginning of the End, Part I

It all ends here.


The ninja, Lynda and Tiamat are standing on the balcony of the Spirit Kingdom, awestruck at the sheer sight of the destruction before them.

Alyssa: So what’s this “War of the Three Realms?”

Tiamat: It is an ancient prophetic event, detailing the day in which the devil returns from his realm to lay siege. You people call it “Armageddon.”

Cypress: Alright, that’s cool and all. But how do we stop it?

Tiamat: There’s no time! Use what you have learned of the Spirit Art! Go forth into the Other Realm and defeat the demons that plague us!

Alyssa: Whatever you say. Roll out, team!

The ninja leap off the balcony, heading toward the portal that was opened by Sigma. Several of Sigma’s men die in their wake.

Perez: ALRIGHT! Now we just need to get up ther-

The rift cracks open, as if by pure intention.

Perez: Oh.

The team walk into the rift, emerging in Sigma’s dungeon. The team see Stevenson locked up in the first cell.

Cypress: Stevenson?

Stevenson: Yeah, what do you want? You come to shame me some more?

Cypress: No, not at all! What are you doing down here?

Stevenson: After you guys finished off Miyakunai, Sigma had me banished down here, and promoted Kigashumi to his right-hand man.

Charles: Don’t worry, I think we can let you out!

Alyssa’s face lights up with realization.

Alyssa: You guys go on ahead. I have to find my mom.

Alyssa dashes off. She emerges in a dark chamber. Sigma’s cackling can be heard, as the room lights up to reveal Elizabeth chained to the floor.

Elizabeth: Alyssa! You came to rescue me! I knew you could. Now, just use what Tiamat taught you to get me out of here…

Alyssa: Mom.. it’s great to have you back.

Alyssa forms a key from the energy around her, using it to unlock the shackles binding Elizabeth. Suddenly, the shackles change into their true form: deadly monsters, created by Sigma for this very purpose.

Sigma:  Not so fast, Elizabeth.

One of the monsters tightens itself around Elizabeth’s throat, beginning to cut off her oxygen. She clearly struggles for each breath.


Sigma: Now now, child. Settle down. After all…

The monster around Elizabeth’s neck unravels, revealing a bladed endoskeleton. Elizabeth’s throat is immediately slit, and she falls into a heap on the floor. Alyssa stares in complete shock.

Sigma: …mother knows best..

Sigma cackles evilly as the monsters disappear in a cloud of smoke.

By Blake

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