S1E10: Come Crashing Down

Somewhere, in a time not too distant from our own…

Tiamat: Girls, it is time. Your training has reached its end, and now the two of you are masters in my art.

Elizabeth and Lynda smile, as Tiamat bestows a necklace onto each of them.

Tiamat: These necklaces bind you to each other, and to the Spirit Realm. Aside from my appearances, these two relics are the only way to get into this realm.

Elizabeth: Understood, Sensei Tiamat. Now, you said something when we began about a “debt” of sorts?

Tiamat: Indeed. In return for giving you training in the Spirit Arts, I only request that you give me 2 human sacrifices each. This will allow me to gain the strength to make you my successors.

Lynda: HUMAN sacrifices?

Tiamat: Indeed. Now, return to your world. It is time to see what you have learned.


In the same place, in present day…

Lynda: Tiamat, it is done. I have brought you not 2, but FOUR human sacrifices. Now, hold to your end of the bargain. Make me INFINITE!

Tiamat: In due time, my prodigy. Now, we wait. Train the recruits in the ways of the art. Who knows, they could be promising. Now, go to them. Begin lesson one.

Lynda: As you wish, my Lord.

Lynda enters the training room, and sits down next to the four ninja.

Lynda: Now, let’s begin! In order to master the Spirit Art, first you must look inside yourself. This chamber here will allow you to begin your training. Your greatest fear lies within these walls. You must face it to break the barrier between you and your Spirit Weapon. Now, who’s first?

Charles: I guess I could go first.

Lynda: Alright, step inside.


Everyone has gone through the chamber, except Alyssa. She stands in the doorway, about to enter.

Alyssa: Are you really sure I can do this?

Lynda: Sure you can, hon. Your mom would have wanted you to.

Alyssa: Alright then.

Alyssa steps into the chamber, and the door closes behind her. Elizabeth materializes, being controlled by Sigma as if she were a puppet.

Sigma: Go on, child. Kill your mother. After all, what else could you do? You’re only a ninja.

Alyssa: NO!

Alyssa charges at the illusion, unsheathing her swords. She defeats the illusion in one swoop, and the chamber doors open.

Lynda: Good! Now we can begin lesson tw-

Lynda is cut off by a deep rumbling coming from outside. The five run from the training room and see that a red rift has opened in the sky. Sigma and his forces are flying through, accompanied by hellish beings.

Tiamat: Dear Lord above. It has begun.

Alyssa: What? What’s begun?

Tiamat: The War of Three Realms.

By Blake

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