S1E9: Prepare

The team is training in the main room of the dojo.

Cypress: Wow, do we have to do this? It feels like we’ve been gone for a week or something.

Alyssa: Enough of that. Now listen. If we’re going to attack Sigma, we have to formulate a plan.

Alyssa wheels in a chalkboard, and formulates a plan.

Alyssa: Now, if memory serves, Sigma’s forces go on breaks every day at around 12:00 our time. All we need to do is steal some of their uniforms, and we can go from there.

Cypress: Wow, it’s kinda like Galaxy Conflicts, Episode 4…

Charles: Probably where she got the idea from..

Alyssa: QUIET! Anyway, now that our plan is over, you can all begin your specific training regi-

The dojo goes black, as smoke filters into the room.

???: So. This is what Elizabeth has against Sigma’s forces. A girl, a nerd, a beefcake, and a good old fashioned jester. I guess I’ll have to take it from here.

Alyssa: Who are you? Show yourself!

???: My name is the Diamond Dragon. But you may know me a bit better as..

The Dragon swoops from the ceiling, removing it’s mask to reveal…

Alyssa: Lynda?!

Lynda: Hey, Alyssa. Long time no see! How ya holding up?

Cypress: So can ANYONE explain why there is a girl in a dragon costume standing in our den?

Alyssa: Guys, this is Lynda, my aunt! She was taken by Sigma, and nobody knew what happened to her! But you’re okay, and that’s all that matters!

Lynda: Indeed. Now, are we going to begin our training in the Spirit Weapons, or not?

Alyssa: Alright. Please, teach us how to perform the ritual.

The team is sitting in the tea room, in a circular formation.

Lynda: Now, no matter what you see in there, power through. The Spirit Weapons only come to those who can face their fears. Now, on the count of 3, we will break the circle, and ascend to the Plane of Spirits. This is where you will find the secret to the art.

Lynda counts to 3, and her hands drop. A thin white shred of light breaks in the middle of the group, sucking the five into another world.

Tiamat: So, Lynda. You’ve finally brought the trainees?

Lynda: Indeed, Tiamat. Let us begin.

By Blake

2 comments on “S1E9: Prepare

  1. My sincere apologies for the week-long absence of episodes! I had to take some time to affirm the story I want to tell, which is entering it’s home stretch as of this episode.

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