S1E8: Thank You

A woman awakes in a dark corridor, covered in blood and a strange green fluid. She remembers nothing, not even her own name. She gets to her feet.

???: W-where am I?

Balthazar: Aah, the prisoner wakes up. Says here your name is Elizabeth. Don’t worry, the memory loss is normal.

Elizabeth: What is this place?

Elizabeth feels a pang in her left temple. Memories come flooding back to her in flashes. She remembers the doctor telling her of her infertility. Running out of the hospital in a fit of sobbing.

And finally, the creature coming down from the sky.

Balthazar: You’re quite lucky, miss. Usually, the lord would’ve eaten you right away. He seems to like you. Oh, I’m supposed to tell you he wants to see you up in his chamber. Take a left at the door immediately out of here, and then head up those stairs.

Elizabeth: Thank you, mister… what’s your name again?

Balthazar: Sir Remington Balthazar the Third, keeper of the dungeon in which Lord Sigma houses his creations. Best to get on your way now. We don’t want one of the monsters.. escaping, now do we?

He dangles the keys in front of Elizabeth’s face. She grimaces, and follows the monster’s directions. She emerges into a chamber lit with an eerie dark glow.

Sigma: Aah, the beauty has finally awoken.

Elizabeth: So you must be this “Lord” of sorts.

Sigma: Indeed. Now, tell me. Why did he serum reject you?

Elizabeth: Serum? What serum?

Sigma: The serum that begins the process of monsterfication. I gave it to you, and it just rejected you.

Elizabeth: I have no idea what you’re talking about, sir.

Sigma: Look. Only 2 people have survived the serum and live. My policy is to grant the wish of anyone who can survive it. So, here’s my offer. I will give you the child you desire, but in return…

A smirk appears on the alien’s face.

Sigma: I want one of her friends.

By Blake

2 comments on “S1E8: Thank You

  1. It’s my birthday, but you guys are the ones getting the presents! I decided to go ahead and release Season 1, Episode 8 a full 2 days early! Enjoy!

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