S1E7: Mark II

Cypress sits on the couch, attempting to take in what he has just heard.

Cypress: So.. Kigashumi, Jestro.. they were all human once?

Alyssa: Yes. We were going to wait until we got to Sigma’s ship to tell you, but we figured it would just cloud up your mind… We’re going to give you one more chance to resign. You don’t have to continue working with us if you don’t want to.

Perez: We can just give you a mind wipe, and you’ll be fine. Just as you were before you met us. To you, we will never have existed.

Charles: So, Cypress. Will you follow us?

Cypress sits in silence for a few minutes, before a smirk breaks onto his face.

Cypress: To the ends of the earth.

Alyssa: Good to hear. Now, we don’t have any villains to fight at this time.. so you guys wanna finally get around to cleaning the attic?

Perez: *sigh* Fine.


Later, in the team’s attic…

Perez: Wow, look at all these old files!

Alyssa: Those were files on some of Sigma’s old monsters.. The ones we  reintegrated into society.

Cypress unearths a rusted metal android.

Cypress: Hey, Perez! What’s this?

Perez: It’s my old Black Dragon prototype! If I can get this up and running, we can build it into a second mark of the robot!


A week later, the team has gathered in Perez’s lab to test out the Mark II.

Perez: Alright, in 3.. 2… 1…

Perez flicks a lever, and the robot boots up.

Black Dragon: Black Dragon, Mark II, up and running, Master Perez…

Perez: Oh, by the way, I also found this weird message in it’s harddrives. Let’s see if I can get it to load.. There we go!

A hologram of Elizabeth is beamed onto the floor.

Elizabeth: Alyssa? God.. I don’t have much time. He’s going to be coming back any second.. Listen. I don’t know when you’ll discover this, but hopefully you’re old enough to understand. I’m still alive, honey. Sigma captured me. I’m being held on his ship, for ransom. Hopefully, you can get up here and rescue me. Once we’re all safe and accounted for, I can teach you how to use the Spirit Weapons. I’m getting old, Alyssa, and I need someone to carry on the knowledge of the Spirit Weapons for me.

Footsteps are heard down the hall.

Elizabeth: He’s coming! I love you, Alyssa. Don’t you forget it.

The message fizzles out. Alyssa crashes to her knees, sobbing.

Charles: Alyssa? You alright?

Alyssa: After all this time… He took her, Charles… She’s okay…

Charles: Yes, and don’t worry We’ll save her soon enough.

Alyssa: Sigma’s.. going to pay for this..


Elsewhere, on Sigma’s ship.

Sigma: What have you done, fool? They’ll be coming now!

Elizabeth: My daughter will save me. The art you tried to destroy will live on!

Sigma: Don’t be so sure, Elizabeth. After all, the only reason she exists is because of our little deal…

By Blake

5 comments on “S1E7: Mark II

    • I’m sorry! D:

      But think of it this way: if I released an episode every day, I’d get burned out of ideas quicker. I do an episode a week, that way I can keep whatever ideas I have reserved for the episodes ahead.

      For example, there’s a massive twist I have planned at the end of the season that you’ll never see coming! That was something I had planned from the beginning.

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