S1E6: The Bandits Begin

Alyssa sits the team down on the couch.

Alyssa: Alright, no more secrets between us. Charles, Perez… are you sure you want to go through with this?

Charles: It’s best we tell him now..

Perez: He might hear it from Sigma otherwise…

Alyssa: Well.. I suppose if we’re going to tell the story, we have to go back to the very beginning…

A stifled sob emits from Alyssa’s throat.

Alyssa: ..the day my mother died…


Kigashumi: Where are you, Elizabeth? You can’t hide from Sigma forever!

A piece of wall is thrown in the general direction of a mother, a small dog and her young daughter.

Alyssa: Mommy, why does the monster want to hurt us?

Elizabeth: It doesn’t want you, sweetheart. It only wants me.

Alyssa: But why?! Duck and I will miss you!

At the mention of its name, the dog looks up and barks. Elizabeth runs her fingers through her daughter’s hair.

Elizabeth: It’ll be alright, baby. Just remember what I taught you, and you’ll be fine.

She pulls the child’s head to hers, kissing her forehead gently.

Elizabeth: Don’t forget me.

At this, Elizabeth rushes out into Kigashumi’s line of sight, and makes two katanas materialize out of thin air.

Elizabeth: So, Sigma sent you to deal with me, eh? How sad. Only a third-rate fraud like him would send his goons to do his job.

Kigashumi: You honestly think that you can defeat me with that forbidden art, Elizabeth?

He motions toward the katanas in each of Elizabeth’s hands.

Elizabeth: The Spirit Weapons were mine to protect in the first place, Kigashumi.

She chants a word under her breath, and the katanas ignite in an orange flame.

Elizabeth: So if I go down, I’m taking you down with me!

Elizabeth charges at Kigashumi, as the small girl closes her eyes.

Through her own tears, she never hears the blood-curdling scream.


Back on the couch, Alyssa is about to break down in both physical sadness and anger.

Alyssa: She never did drag that monster down with her. That’s why I have to kill Kigashumi myself. I have to finish the job.

Alyssa pulls out a small leather book.

Alyssa: This is all that my mother left me before.. it happened. She says it’s the only way to defeat Kigashumi.. the only problem is, it’s in this weird code. Anyway, we’re getting off track. Charles.. you wanna take over?

Charles: Sure thing. I can’t bear to see you lose your composure like this.


A small orange flame is sending a glow through a dark alley in the southern region of Tokyoville. Around the small fire, two boys sit, one with thick, taped-together black glasses, and the other with a torn sleeveless shirt.

Perez: It’s cold out tonight, Charles. I wish that our parents were here..

 Charles: Perez, listen to me. Those people weren’t our parents. The orphanage was a madhouse. They were breeding those… things down there. Right under our noses.

Perez: But Charles, we’ve been living on the streets! We are literally all that’s left of that place. And-

Perez’s rant is interrupted by a stirring in the shadows.

Perez: What was that?

Charles: It was nothing, don’t worry.

A shadow looms over the wall.

Charles: Stay here. I’m gonna go see what’s out there.

Charles picks up a small wooden log from the fire pit and hurls it at the shadow. A girl’s scream is heard.

Alyssa: What the heck? I get that I may have freaked you out, but was that any reason to hurl a flaming log at me?

Charles: I’m sorry. I thought you were another one of them… State your name, age, and business here.

Alyssa: M-My name is Alyssa.. I’m 11, going to be 12 in a few months.. I just wanted something to eat.

Charles: Are you another refugee from the orphanage?

Alyssa: No.. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. All I know is that my mother.. she.. she’s gone.

Charles: So you’re an orphan like Perez and I here?

Alyssa: Yeah.. my mom was killed by this giant lizard monster… He said his name was Kigashumi..

Charles: Wait. Perez… she knows about… them..

Alyssa: What do you mean?

Charles: It’ll take some explaining, kid. Just come sit with us around the fire, and we’ll try to get you up to speed.


Cypress: Wow. So tell me, who.. or what… was them?

Charles: Listen, Cypress. If you’re gonna work under us, we have to tell you what exactly we’re up against.

Charles sighs.

Charles: They’re humans, Cypress. All of Sigma’s monsters, all his goons. They were all human once.

By Blake

6 comments on “S1E6: The Bandits Begin

  1. Well, here it is! Part 2 to last night’s episode! I tried to wrap up as many loose ends as I could, but I guess all I did was just create more.. Anyway, enjoy this double-length episode that takes you back into the team’s past!

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