S1E5: Compromised

The team is working on repairing the dojo after yesterday’s attack.

 Cypress: I never was good with a hammer. My dad always made me just apply the plaster…

Alyssa: Cypress, this is drywall. You’re not supposed to hammer it..

Charles: Just let me do it..

Perez: No need! I’ve invented my magnum opus!

Cypress: Your what?

Perez: My magnum opus! A robot that can make simple repairs and also assist us in field missions! Please welcome our new fifth member, the Black Dragon!

A whirring is heard, as a robotic ninja staggers into the room.

Black Dragon: Black Dragon Mark One ready to assist you, Master Perez..

Perez: Now Black Dragon, repair the wall!

Black Dragon: Processing command, “Repair wall…” Initiating Response024a.. “Indeed, Master Perez.”

The robot dashes around, repairing the wall quickly.

Cypress: Wellllll…. since we have nothing to do… who wants to go play video games?!

Charles: YEAH!

The team rushes off, leaving the Black Dragon alone.

Black Dragon: No commands detected. Shutting down…

The robot enters sleep mode, as a jolt of electricity explodes from the wall in which it’s plugged in.


The robot’s voice shuts off, as the body is taken over by one of Sigma’s computers.


Sigma: Kobashigawa, are we in?

Kobashigawa: Yes sir! Ever since you told me to hack into this robot, I’ve been attempting to crack this code! It should do whatever you tell it to now, sir!

Sigma: Alright! Now, it is time to rid myself of those ninja once and for all.


Perez: Alright, now that we’re done with our video games, let’s check up on the Black Dragon!

Perez fiddles with a joystick, as the robot is heard thundering down the hall.

Perez: Hmm.. odd. Usually it comes right through the-

A missile fires through the wall, missing Perez by an inch.

Perez: Or it could just make a new one. That’s cool.

Cypress: Perez, can’t you stop it?

Perez: No! It seems like it’s out of my control!

Alyssa: Fine, then we’ll make it stop. Perez, Charles, evasive maneuver alpha!

Charles and Perez nod, and jump into position. All three charge at the robot.

Charles: Sorry to do this, buddy.

Perez:  Don’t be sorry! Kill it before it kills us!

Charles rips the robot’s head off, sending it crashing to the floor.

Cypress: Wow! What was that move you guys just did?!

Alyssa: A little thing we worked up during our years as street bandits.

Cypress: Cool! Can you teach me?

Alyssa: Sure, but first we have to get you into the mindset. Sit down, Cypress. It’s time I tell you about our beginnings.


Sigma: Curses! The ninja have foiled my plans! Kigashumi, fetch me my backup!

Kigashumi hands Sigma a glowing red orb.

Sigma: Yes, it is finally ready. The Shi has finally prepared.

By Blake

2 comments on “S1E5: Compromised

  1. Sorry this is a bit early, but I figured since I had it done, why wait until Tuesday? Besides, this is the first two-parter of the season! Anyway, we’re about halfway through the season now, so allow me to let you guys in on my gameplan for the remainder of the season.

    Episode 6: The Bandits Begin (Due out 10/27)
    Episode 7: Mark II (Due out 11/3)
    Episode 8: Thank You (Due out 11/10)
    Episode 9: Prepare (Due out 11/17)
    Episode 10: Come Crashing Down (Due out 11/24)
    Episode 11: The End of the End (P1) (Due out 12/1)
    Episode 12: The End of the End (P2) (Due out 12/8)

    That’s right, the last episode is a two-parter! And as much as I both love and hate to say it, not everyone will make it out alive. Sadly, I only planned on writing a 12-episode season from the beginning. But expect no shortage of episodes once the season ends! I plan on producing about 3-4 filler episodes each time a season ends to span out the course of the gap between seasons, with the 4th episode being a direct tie-in with the plot of the coming season. These episodes will either focus on a specific character you already know, or one that will appear in the season ahead.

    Well, that’s basically what you can expect for this season! Blake out!

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