S1E4: Clowning Around

It is early morning at the dojo. The team is waking up to begin a training session.

Cypress: Alyssa, can’t we sleep in? We had a big day yesterday, what with the haunted house and the friends going poof and…

Alyssa: Cypress, you saw what happened with Kigashumi. Sigma could unleash new monsters at any moment, and we need to be prepared! I’m sure you understand.

Cypress: No. No Alyssa, I don’t understand. Just because we have to train, doesn’t mean Sigma is gonna unleash a new monster at any given mome-

The roof of the dojo caves in, showing a disfigured clown’s face.

Jestro: Well, speak of the devil. I finally found you!


Cypress: Just shut up and run.

The team run into the next room, stocking up on weapons.

Charles: I have a reading on this guy! His name is Jestro. He was created by mixing a typical circus clown with one of Sigma’s dying monsters! He has the ability to shapeshift into any given person or object.

Jestro shapeshifts into Charles, jumping down into the room.

Jestro: Oh WOW! I guess I’m more famous than I thought! Anyway, I guess it’s time to destroy you now.

Jestro flexes his muscles, as they bulge into something beyond comprehension.

Jestro: It’s too bad I have to kill you, really. The show was just about to start!

Jestro puts his fingers to his mouth, letting out a shrill whistle.

Jestro: MIYAKUNAI! You can come out now! I got them right where Sigma wants them!

The wall rumbles, revealing that it was in fact another shapeshifting monster.

Perez: I swear, if it turns out that everything we own is a monster, I’m going to scream.

Miyakunai: So, Jestro. You could have been a bit more polite when you knocked a hole in me. Anyway, it’s no matter. You may go now, Jestro. It’s time I take matters into my own hands.

Miyakunai touches the gaping hole in his side. The flesh begins to mend.

Cypress: Are you kidding me?! IT REGENERATES?!

Perez: It’s a Mary Sue’s worst nightmare…

Cypress: What did you just say?

Perez: Oh, I said Mary Sue! A traditional Japanese manga and comic term meaning a character who is perfect in any way, shape or form! They can usually be killed by finding the weak spot.

Cypress has already charged into action.

Cypress: Say no more!

Cypress digs his sword deep into Miyakunai’s leg.

Cypress: Hmm. Not the weak spot, I see. No matter. We’ll just keep going till we find it, eh?

The remainder of the team charges after Miyakunai, taking him down with four swords at once.

Cypress: CHARLES! Hold your sword there!

Charles: On it!

Charles grips his sword tighter, as the monster disintegrates into a stone.

Alyssa: I don’t believe it. We got his stone. We actually killed one of Sigma’s monsters!

Cypress: So wait. If we kill one, it turns into a rock?

Alyssa: Exactly! Each monster turns into a rock, which we can then use to combat Sigma when the time comes!

Cypress: So it’s like Dekumon?

Perez: Pretty much…

Alyssa: Nevermind! It’s time to get this thing stored properly!

The team walk off to the dojo, stone in hand.


Jestro: My Lord! Miyakunai has failed in his mission! The ninja have gotten his stone!

Sigma: I should have known not to use him. His weak spot is in plain sight. Stevenson! Fetch the rest of the Corps. It’s time to head down to Earth.

By Blake

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