S1E3: ScaryNinjas

Somewhere, in the Lorglax galaxy of Gamma Sector 4….

Sigma: Finally. It’s time. The one day a year when I can feed off of the pure horror of others. All Hallow’s Eve.

Stevenson: My Lord, I have contacted the Corps as you requested. They shall be beaming down to Earth shortly.

Sigma: Excellent work, Stevenson. And now it begins.


Cypress: Happy Halloween, everyone!

Alyssa: Cypress, we don’t necessarily get to celebrate Halloween in this line of duty.

Cypress: And why is that?

Alyssa: It’s the one day a year in which Sigma could actually triumph over our defenses. He feeds off the horror of the people of Tokyoville.

Cypress: Nonsense! Everyone needs a little fright now and then! Which is exactly the reason I booked us 4 tickets to Crazy Bob’s Haunted House!

Charles: Wait, isn’t Crazy Bob that guy in the woods who lives off nothing but dead rats and sewer water?

Perez: I’m pretty sure he has rabies.

Cypress: There’s a good chance he does! But that’s the fun of it!

Alyssa: Fine, we’ll do your haunted house thing. It should be a break from fighting Sigma, anyway…

Later, at Crazy Bob’s Haunted House..

Crazy Bob: Come one, come all to Crazy Bob’s Haunted House! We’ve got thrills and chills! Just make sure to get your tetanus shot at the door!

Cypress: Alright!

The team walks into the house.

Crazy Bob: Please, take off your shoes! I have a thing about shoes!

Later, inside…

Cypress: Wow, Alyssa, wasn’t that skeleton scary?

Alyssa: It was just a paper plate tied to a broom.

Cypress: Aw, you ruin all the fun! Anyway, let’s go on to the next room!

The team walks into the library, as the door slams behind them.

Charles: Wait, why is the door closed?!

Perez: Is it LOCKED?!

Cypress: Calm down guys, the door isn’t locked. See, I’ll prove it to you!

Cypress pulls the door, which doesn’t budge.

Cypress: Okay, we’re gonna die here.

Alyssa: I knew it! Halloween is an an awful holiday! We’re gonna die here!

Suddenly, the lights flicker. They come back on, to reveal Perez has disappeared.

Cypress: Oh great! Now Perez is gone!

Alyssa: Listen up, guys. There has to be a way out of here.

Charles: But how are we supposed to get out? The only one good at lockpicking was Perez, and now look at what happened to him!

Cypress: Okay. Calm down. Charles, what if you tried to ram the door down?

Charles: Good idea!

Charles rams the door, succeeding in breaking it down. A series of puzzles are revealed behind it.

Cypress: COOL! This is just like my favorite horror movie, Wrench! Now we just have to get out of these puzzles and we’ll be free!

Alyssa: Or we could just use the stairs…

Alyssa motions toward a staircase, in which Perez is standing.

Perez: Oh hey guys! I went to go get a cheese dog from the concession stand! Anyway, I found a staircase that leads outside!

Cypress: Fine. We’ll do it your way, Alyssa.

Later at the dojo….

Cypress: Who’s ready for a scary movie marathon?!

Alyssa: Thanks anyway, Cy, but I think we’re all scared out for tonight.

Cypress: Fine. I guess I’ll just go watch Wrench IV: The Final Twist by myself.

Charles: Wait, you mean the one where they reveal who Boltcutter is?! I wanna watch!

Perez: Count me in!

The three walk off, leaving Alyssa alone in the room.

Alyssa: Fine. I guess I can’t fight majority rule… WAIT UP!

Alyssa follows them out of room.


Sigma: Excellent, Stevenson. My energy is refilled. Let the fun truly begin.

By Blake

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