S1E2: Training Day

Cypress: *wakes up* Oh, I’m so excited! It’s finally time to start training for my new job!

Alyssa: Cypress, don’t count it as a job. People DIE in this line of duty.

Cypress: Wait, what’d ya say, chief? All I heard was “Cypress, blah blah blah, job, blah blah blah.”

Alyssa: *sighs* Why didn’t we just leave you on the sidewalk…?

Charles: Alyssa! We’re getting reports in from town square! Kigashumi’s back!

Alyssa: What?! *runs over to computer screen* And it looks like he’s brought his friends to play..

Charles: *tosses Cypress uniform* Suit up, rookie. Looks like we’ll be training in the field today.

Later, in the town square…

Cypress: Woah, it’s that giant lizard man from before!

Alyssa: Yes. And his name is Kigashumi. He works for Lord Sigma, an intergalactic warlord bent on taking over Tokyoville and turning us all into his slaves. Everyone fears him, but we were the four who rose up and banded together to-

Perez: Um, Alyssa? No time for a history lesson… He’s about to ATTACK!

Alyssa: Defensive maneuver Alpha, GO!

The team escapes harm’s way just as a building is toppled by Kigashumi’s tail.

Alyssa: Okay, like I said before. Evil lizard guy is controlled by spaceman who wants to enslave us. Got it?

Cypress: Got it.

Perez: Alyssa, remember the coda! Go for the tail!

Charles: Why are we going for the tail again?

Alyssa: Because Kigashumi’s tail is his main source of power! We chop it off, and he’s all mine!

Cypress: You mean ours.

Alyssa: No, I mean mine. Listen, just get his tail off. Maybe I’ll explain later.

The four ninja charge Kigashumi from behind.

Alyssa: Get him from the rear! That’s his blindspot!

Cypress: On it!

Cypress impales Kigashumi in the rear, sending him running off. Sigma appears from a cloud of smoke left in his wake.

Sigma: Well done, puny ninja. You, female one. Your work commanding your team is.. surprisingly well done. You do a good job keeping them together. Too bad you couldn’t put her back together as well..

A visibly stunned expression crosses Alyssa’s face.

Sigma: Farewell, ninja. Until we meet again.

The cloud of smoke dissipates, taking Sigma with it.

Cypress: What was..?

Alyssa: Shut up. Forget it… just head back to the dojo…

Later, on the dojo roof…

Cypress: *opens door* Alyssa, you out here?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Cypress: We were going out for pizza to celebrate the mostly-non-destroyed part of town square.. Wanna come?

Alyssa: No thanks.. Cypress, can we talk for a minute?

Cypress: Yeah, what’s up?

He sits down.

Alyssa: You know why we retreated today, right?

Cypress: No.. why?

Alyssa: Sigma… he just rubbed salt in the wound..

Cypress: What do you mean?

Alyssa: Years ago, Kigashumi.. He killed my mother. Right in front of me. I lived on the streets for years, It’s where I met Charles and Perez. We started out as a gang of street bandits until Sigma returned. That’s when we put together whatever we had scraped together, bought this place, and started to prepare for war.

Cypress: So.. you’re saying..?

Alyssa: Yes, Cypress. We’re going to war with Sigma. It’s why I get competitive when we fight Kigashumi.. I have to win. I have to avenge my mother.

Cypress: I understand your pain. My brother died years ago in a boating accident.. I never saw him in his last days.. Never had a chance to say goodbye.

Alyssa: Tell you what, Cypress. Let’s go get that pizza. We can sit around and be all sobby later.


He rushes down the stairs.

Alyssa: Cypress, I hope you know how much power you hold. I hope you know that you’re a bigger part of this than any of us will ever be.


Elsewhere, on Sigma’s ship..

Sigma: Stevenson!

Stevenson: Yes, Lord Sigma?

Sigma: Fetch the Corps. We’re going to war.

By Blake

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