S1E1: The Start of Something New

In a world…

No. We aren’t starting with that. Every action movie starts with that. Just cut to the opening.

We open in Tokyoville, a city that is totally not a rip off of anything that exists in real life. A monster is emerging, ready to attack. But the group of ninja protecting the city are ready to fight back!

But little do they know, a deeper threat lurks beyond the surface…

Alyssa: Charles, how’s the tracking going?

Charles: Going pretty good. Sigma’s monsters aren’t going to be terrorizing civilians for much longer.

Alyssa: Great! Now if we could only get into Sigma’s base, we could have him down as well! Speaking of which, how’s the cloaking device coming, Perez?

Perez: *working at table* Good. I just wish you wouldn’t drive so fast, Alyssa. It’s interfering with my work….

Alyssa: Well, you try navigating a four way intersection with a radioactive lizard on your tail.

Charles: Wait, hold up! You’re going to hit someone!

The van swerves, colliding with a building.

Alyssa: No! Kigashumi got away!

Perez: Don’t keep calling him that. It won’t catch on…

Charles: Guys! Are we just going to sit here and let that guy we just HIT WITH OUR VAN BLEED OUT ON THE SIDEWALK?

Alyssa: *sighs* Fine. Perez, get the stretcher. Let’s just take him back to the dojo.

Later, at the ninja’s hideout….

Cypress: *wakes up* Ugh.. what happened?

Perez: *monitoring vitals* You took a serious blow to the ribcage. But don’t worry, I fitted you with some of my new bone replacements. As soon as you heal, you won’t feel a thing.

Alyssa: *pokes head in door* Perez! Team meeting!

Perez: Oop, sorry. Gotta go.

Later, in the ninja conference room…

Alyssa: *sighs* Look guys. We can’t just dump him out in the town square. He’s seen the dojo. And besides, Stevenson went to Sigma last week. I say we let him join…

Back in the medical ward…

Cypress: So you’re saying that you’re just going to let me join you guys?

Alyssa: Yes, we have no choice. I hate to say this, but… welcome to the team, rookie. Training begins tomorrow. *tosses uniform onto Cypress’s lap.

Later that night…

Stevenson: *looking through window* Yes, my lord. It is all going according to plan…

By Blake

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